With over three decades of experience in the digital signage franchise industry, Signarama is always looking to improve our offerings and innovate in our space. Our customers have varying requests, and it’s our job to fulfill each request with high-quality products and top of the line customer satisfaction. Signarama is the best in the business – see how our franchisees benefit from that established reputation and all of the resources they will need to succeed. 


We value the partnerships that we’ve made throughout our business, so when our customers were forced to close their doors due to COVID-19, we wanted to find some way to help out. We devised a plan to make plexiglass barriers and sneeze guards available to business owners who wanted to find a better way to keep their staff and customers safe. No matter what, we are always looking for ways to innovate and help our franchisees stand out from the competition. Signarama’s PPE offerings gave our franchisees an added stream of revenue in a time where business owners across the country faced incredible uncertainty.

Sign Products

Our passion for signs and our ability to create high-quality products is what brought us from one store in Farmingdale, NY, to now over 600 locations across the globe. Every business needs a way to advertise their brick-and-mortar location to stand out from the crowd. Signarama offers a complete suite of services to get our customers the right exterior branding they need to promote their business, from flags and banners to freestanding or building signs. 

Digital Signage 

Signarama is also a digital signage franchise! Some of our customers have more to say than what a two-dimensional sign can offer.  They find that this type of signage option is far more practical because it gives them the flexibility and versatility to swap out a message or share information as needed. Digital signage is just one way we are looking to leverage new technology to build a better business model for our franchisees. 

Marketing Materials 

Interior branding is just as important as good signage. Signarama digital signage franchise owners can also offer stunning and cohesive visuals in the form of lobby plaques, business cards, posters, and other promotional products. You can help your clients stand out in any environment, whether it’s at their business, or out on a call, or meeting with clients.  

Solutions by Industry 

Since signage is in universal demand, our customers come from a variety of industries, and we have customized solutions to meet their needs no matter the request. When you partner with Signarama’s digital signage franchise,  you have the opportunity to reach a broader audience with the backing of our longstanding industry expertise.

Are you interested in learning more about our opportunity? If you have any questions about joining our digital signage franchise, please feel free to contact us today!