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Is Franchising Right for You? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Opening a franchise can be an exciting way to build your own business while enjoying the benefits of being part of a larger support network. Franchisees enjoy the freedom of running their own business along with the strong foundation that comes with being part of a larger group. When deciding whether to start your own […]
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The FDD Simplified: What You Need to Know

Your franchise disclosure document (FDD) is a helpful legal document that you’ll receive from Signarama in the pre-sale disclosure process. Contained within are 23 chapters or points—technically called “items” of the franchise disclosure document—that provide you a ton of information on Signarama’s history, training, financials, affiliates, and mutual obligations. The ultimate purpose of the franchise […]
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Why You Don’t Need to Be an Expert to Open a Franchise

Setting up shop on your own and finally being the boss is a dream that many Americans and people all over the world have. If you work in a corporate environment or feel that you’re working too hard for somebody else, you’ve likely long dreamed of branching out on your own. With a franchise, you […]
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The Benefits of Opening a Sign Franchise

By opening a sign franchise, you’re investing in a profitable industry whose demand and reach is not just sustainable, but continually growing. The first step to realizing your dreams of being your own boss and starting your own business is admitting that you’d like to change careers and invest in yourself. It’s also the easiest. […]
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What Are Franchise Fees and What Do They Cover?

If you’re contemplating buying a franchise, you likely have questions about the fees charged by the franchisor and what they cover. The amounts you pay to a franchise company can be broken down into two main categories — an initial franchise fee and various ongoing franchise fees. As a general guide, here’s a breakdown of […]
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