Entrepreneurs often face the decision of choosing whether to open their own business or invest in a franchise. There are pros and cons to both, but several opportunities such as printing franchise opportunities avoid the well-known cons of franchising. Common objections to franchising tend to be the investment, lack of support, and lack of training. However, these cons are avoided with a printing franchise opportunity such as Signarama, and here’s how:

Objection #1: The Investment Is Too High

Several franchise opportunities come with a hefty franchise fee, high royalties, and other costs that simply just make running a franchise nearly impossible. With Signarama, we offer a turnkey investment that adjusts to your specific needs, such as location. In addition, the royalty percentage is much more reasonable than other franchise opportunities. With Signarama, you know you will be able to afford the investment, and even if you cannot, there are ways you can gain assistance through alternative payment methods such as loans or grants.

With the investment, franchisees also get to use a well-known brand like Signarama, which is a national franchise. This means that more customers are likely to choose Signarama for their printing needs.

Objection #2: I Won’t Get the Support I Need

Right from the very beginning, Signarama is there to support their franchisee before, during, and after training. We strive to make sure our franchisees have what they need in order to own and operate their franchises.

In addition, Signarama has set up target markets that are there to assist franchisees in finding a territory that will best appeal to the most amount of potential customers. Our turnkey business model, which means that it is compatible with any franchise anywhere, helps to assure that our brand can fit with any franchisee in any area.

Objection #3: I Don’t Have Enough Experience to Do This on My Own

Finding a franchise that offers ample training makes a huge difference in business ownership. With print franchise opportunities like Signarama, you know you will be in good hands. Signarama training starts with two weeks at our headquarters in Florida. Here we talk about and train you on the latest in print technology and the basics of starting your franchise. Following this initial training, we then move you to a working franchise so you can visually see how a Signarama works. After one week of this hands-on training, you are then moved to your own franchise!

But the training does not end there. Once we have you as part of our team and in your own franchise, we will then train you on how to market your franchise and provide other tips and tricks that will help you on your franchising journey.

Print franchise opportunities have eliminated the common objections of franchising by addressing and adapting them to appeal to entrepreneurs. Signarama provides a turnkey investment, constant support and ample training so that our franchisees can get started on the right foot.

If you would like more information about Signarama and print franchise opportunities, contact us today!