Without a doubt, the most critical element of a successful franchise model is franchisee training and support. The beauty of the franchise concept is that anyone can experience the entrepreneurial journey and invest in their own success. Signarama has grown significantly over the past few decades, which isn’t possible without our franchisees’ eagerness to learn. Supporting our franchisees is how we show we care, so here are a few ways our sign franchise opportunities do just that.

Marketing: We want to make sure that your store’s marketing efforts align with the rest of our 400 locations. PR and localized marketing are two of the most fundamental ways we do that. Part of our franchisee training and support is working with you to get people in the store for your big grand opening and beyond. 

Real Estate: Setting up a location is one of the most important parts of starting a new business. Signarama will assist with everything from picking your site to negotiating a lease with your landlord. In addition to that, we will also help you set up your store’s layout, which gives you far less to worry about in those first few months. 

Sales: Although a lot of Signarama franchisees come on with some sales experience, our process and system are still unique. And to help your staff sell your services, you’ll need to get to know your products and what needs we fulfill. Sales coaching is a vital part of our five-week franchisee training and support program, and you will also get to experience the real deal during our on-the-job training. 

Regional Support Programs: Our franchise network is massive, but we want to make sure that each franchisee has someone to answer their questions when they need them. Our regional support staff will be there for you to provide the business coaching you need. 

Ongoing Education: It’s always important to take some time and sharpen the saw. Our franchisees undergo training even after opening their business to keep up with our latest advances and industry trends. How you take advantage of this training can be customized to areas you’d like to improve upon. If you feel like operations are an area you’d like to focus on, we have programs and manuals you can learn from. We take the time to help our franchisees become well-rounded business professionals.

Technology and Vendors: Signarama provides our franchisees with the technology they need to meet our standard for quality and the guidance to manage those systems. In addition to ongoing technical assistance, we will also connect you with top industry vendors who supply products to all of our stores. 

Would you like to learn more about our sign franchise opportunities and see what’s available in your area? Feel free to reach out to a member of our team today!