International franchising with Signarama is an amazing opportunity for people interested in owning their own business but who are unsure how to get started. Not only will you have the support and backing of the powerful United Franchising Group (UFG) behind you, but as a Master License Partner, you will be able to introduce the Signarama brand to a completely new market.

The good news is, you don’t have to have prior experience in franchising to apply. In fact, so many of our successful franchise partners in countries across the world had zero experience with franchising before working with Signarama. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to bring world-class signage solutions to your local community, you might be an excellent candidate to become a UFG Master License Partner.

Here’s how to get started.

Our Brand, Your Country

As you may or may not know, there are many benefits to franchising. With a franchise like Signarama, you have the advantage of a proven system and recognizable brand behind you. Our comprehensive training program will get you up to speed on everything you need to know to run your business. You’ll also have access to our supportive worldwide network to provide assistance when you need it and help your franchise grow. Simply put, franchising is the fastest way to realizing your dreams of working for yourself!

When it comes to international franchising, flexibility is key. The United Franchise Group has helped its brands expand to dozens of countries since 1995, and we know each geographic area and culture is uniquely different. There may also be special business requirements that are different or don’t exist in other countries. Once you’ve expressed interest in an international franchising opportunity with Signarama, we’ll conduct a demographic research study to determine whether your country is a good fit for the brand. If it is, we’ll work with you to adapt our business model and processes so you can have a successful launch. If all goes well, expansion won’t be far behind.

What is a Master License Partner?

As a Master License Partner, you will have the opportunity to help other prospective entrepreneurs in your country open the doors to their very own Signarama location. You will experience the thrill of helping to build a successful brand and earn profits for each additional location opened under your master franchise.

To start, you will focus your energy on opening your flagship location, which allows you to learn about the signage industry while steadily generating income as your business grows. Like with any of our domestic franchise owners, you’ll receive training and support to help you with everything from operations to marketing to technical processes. Once your flagship has been established and you’ve undergone our Master License Partner training program, you can begin to sell other locations in your country.

International Franchising: An Opportunity That’s as Exciting as it is Rewarding

With each additional location that you help open in your country you’ll receive franchise fees and ongoing royalties (read: money in your pocket!). If recurring revenue and financial growth sound interesting to you, then you might want to consider a career in international franchising.

Beyond just the potential financial benefits, becoming a Signarama Master License Partner is a great way to become a part of the international entrepreneurial community. There’s a reason many of our international franchise partners consider UFG and Signarama like family. Take it from UFG Master License Partner Ghassan Barazi: “My overall experience with UFG has been phenomenal. I came to the company with zero knowledge on franchising. They were a great asset in supporting me. What I liked most about it is that they were all accessible to me at any time. I have open access to everybody at any level of the company. So it has been a very, very good relationship.”

Learn more about the benefits of international franchising with Signarama by downloading our free franchisee kit today.