Redwood City, CA is a prime business location, situated as it is, in the middle of the San Francisco Bay peninsula and Silicon Valley. The city boasts a highly trained and educated workforce, an excellent quality of life, and easy public transportation to nearby cities. This year, Business Wire rated Redwood City and the south San Francisco area the #1 location in the U.S. for economic growth, long-term growth, and the capacity to support business prosperity. Additionally, the city has a low unemployment rate, at only 4.2%, which is below the national average.

These economic factors make Redwood City an ideal place to start and grow a successful business. If you’re in the market to start a new business venture in the area, a Signarama franchise could be just what you’re looking for. Signarama is currently looking for dedicated entrepreneurs to run a sign franchise in Redwood City. As the top business in the $49 billion global sign industry, we have experience and success with sign franchises, and will guide you every step of the way as you become a franchisee. Sound like the right fit for you? Read on!

Signarama Benefits

When you work with Signarama as a franchise owner, you will have a lot of benefits, such as:

  • a wealth of knowledgeable and experienced Signarama corporate agents and franchise owners willing to help you during the process of starting a new business.
  • becoming a part of the business that was rated as the #1 sign franchise by Entrepreneur magazine in 2014.
  • a flexible schedule that you set yourself.
  • joining a business with a distinct business model that sets us ahead of our competitors, as we offer full brand and advertising opportunities, not just signs.

Becoming a Franchise Owner

Signarama is part of the expanding global sign industry, which is estimated at $49 billion worldwide. The industry is in demand. Google searches for signs and related keywords in Redwood City and its surrounding areas, for example, number approximately 19,000 in a typical month, as businesses search for the best options for displaying and advertising their information to customers.

Becoming a Signarama franchise owner means becoming a part of this huge, profitable industry, but instead of being alone, you have the resources of a successful worldwide corporation at your side. While embarking on a new business venture can be intimidating, with Signarama, you will have fellow franchise owners and corporate agents to guide and mentor you throughout the process and even after you open your doors. What better way to begin a career in franchise ownership?

Best of all, you can be on your way to franchise ownership in 10 simple steps, even if you have no previous experience in the sign industry:

  1. Go to request basic information about opening a franchise from our website.
  2. Call us up to ask any questions and learn more.
  3. Let us set up your in-person meeting to discuss your new business venture.
  4. Complete our franchise application.
  5. Review our franchise disclosure document.
  6. Complete an interview with other franchise owners.
  7. Come to one of our Discovery Days and meet other potential franchise owners while showing us your entrepreneurial skills.
  8. Pay the refundable franchise deposit.
  9. Sign your franchise agreement.
  10. And then, open your business!


Take a look at what some of our other franchise owners have to say about working with Signarama:

“I want to thank Signarama for having us a part of the family. This has been a great, exciting time for us, as we move from our corporate careers into building our own business…We moved out of the corporate world because it was simply a time for change for both of us, me and my wife. And, this has been wonderful so far. We are so looking forward to being a part of this family for as long as it takes us to get where we want to be. Thank you.”
-Steve R.

“I wanted to comment on the great treatment I received from the set-up team who came to a hot and miserable Chicago this last week and weekend…I think I owe SIGN*A*RAMA a great deal in getting me up to the standards of a successful franchise by sending these great guys. Thank you.”
– Ken P.

If you’re ready to come on board as a franchise owner, contact us today!