Franchising is a great option for entrepreneurs. Signarama provides owners with a proven business model, hiring requirements, training process, sales protocol, and many of the other details required to launch and run a business. If you’re looking for reasons for franchising, consider Signarama as a fantastic opportunity.

The global signage market was valued at $21.49bn in 2020 and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2021 to 2028. High demand for signage is a market factor, as businesses are opening all the time or looking to rebrand, and by providing signs, you can become a go-to resource for other businesses.

10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Franchise

Signarama is an industry leader in the sign and digital printing business. We feature a unique franchising strategy that sets you up for success and helps you become an expert in the sign industry. Our stores are relied upon by the communities in which they serve and are designed to thrive in any economic condition. Businesses will always need signs, and we’re always there to fulfill that need.

Here are some reasons why entrepreneurs should consider a franchising opportunity with Signarama:

  1. We capitalize on B2B. Unlike relying upon individual customers, most of our clients are other businesses. This makes it easier to ride out economic downturns and presents many networking opportunities to increase orders.
  2. We have the experience. Signarama is the premier brand of United Franchise Group (UFG). We were established in 1986 and are consistently ranked as a top sign franchise.
  3. We’re a known brand. We’ve become a prominent force in the sign industry, having built a reputation for innovation, exemplary support, and high-quality products and services for brands around the world.
  4. We have a strong business model. Our proven business model is unique to our stores. By combining signs with a full portfolio of branding options, you can bring a complete customized advertising solution to your customers’ businesses.
  5. Our investment is turnkey. The Signarama turnkey investment includes virtually everything necessary to get your business up and running. We also offer financing assistance and investor incentives.
  6. We provide opportunities for growth. Want to take our franchise opportunity to the next level? Ask about our multi-unit options, area developer positions, and master license agreements.
  7. Our comprehensive training. Franchising is all about brand support. We’re invested in our franchisees’ success, so we make sure that you enter into your business with a complete understanding of our proven systems and processes. Training is structured to make certain franchise owners are well-educated and confident in our system.
  8. You’re never alone with our ongoing support. Our continuous support extends long after you open your doors. The ongoing training and support we provide is designed to help you succeed and will ensure you’re up to date on the latest developments in the industry.
  9. Our research and development keeps owners up to date. We provide our owners with the latest emerging technology trends so they can stay current with customer demand.
  10. No experience is required. Many of our current franchisees weren’t experts in the field when they started. You’re not required to have any prior experience in printing, design, or sign sales.

Our Investment Profile

Franchise owners will need sufficient funding for a successful launch. Signarama’s franchise investment profile is a $49,500 franchise fee and $60,000 liquid capital requirement. Investments range from a $200K low to a $215K high.

We make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to franchise. In addition to providing assistance through every step of the process, we can help you secure financing options based on your specific financial standing.

Signarama has a great investment opportunity and an equally great number of reasons to franchise with us – join us today!

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