Our Signarama team has gathered decades of industry experience — we want to help interested investors, like you, smoothly transition into their own sign business. To do so, our team of franchise development experts created a comprehensive training program that takes place at our headquarters in the beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida. Before you hop on a plane and come join us, let’s break down a couple of the areas that our training will cover. 

1. Setting Goals, Planning for the Future 

Signarama and our franchisees share a common goal of wanting to see success. At the same time, we want to set realistic and obtainable milestones for our franchisees to hit and eliminate the discouragement of missing the mark. To put your business in the best possible position for success, part of our training includes goal setting and establishing expectations. Having clear benchmarks ahead of time makes visualizing your journey easier. 

2. Management Strategies 

One of the common pain points for new business owners is building a stable infrastructure and consistently following through with process. In fact, it’s one of the major reasons that small businesses flounder every year. When you franchise with Signarama you’ll benefit from our years of experience in the business — we have already established a proven process that works. During our training programs, we will go over our management of projects, finances, and time spent on client fulfillment. 

3. Learning About Your Customer 

Part of understanding your business is understanding the customer. With a B2B (business to business) model, understanding your customer is easier — it eliminates the guesswork of an oftentimes fickle public consumer. Signarama franchisees collaborate directly with business owners in order to design a perfect finished product. Throughout our training, we will go over customer service, retention, and expectations in relation to our industry

4. Marketing Your Brand 

Effective ways of marketing are constantly changing and no business owner wants to fall behind on best practices. At Signarama we are always doing our best to keep our strategies up-to-date by utilizing the best platforms possible. We want to promote our clients’ names and the Signarama brand for the world to see. A portion of our training includes insight into our local and internet marketing techniques. 

This is just a fraction of what our initial training touches on over two weeks at our global headquarters! 

So, if you would like to know more about our sign business onboarding process or anything else about the investment, please feel free to reach out!