The sign industry is seeing the need to evolve to keep revenue and consumer satisfaction high. Innovation and customer demand are increasingly impacting the industry, among several other trends that signage companies should take note of.

Signage is an essential business. Signarama has a foundation rooted in B2B. Working with other businesses to offer valuable services makes it easier to ride out economic downturns and presents numerous networking opportunities.

New businesses open all of the time, and as such, they need signage to make customers aware of who they are and what they are selling. As well, rebranding and special offers and deals will require quick and reliable solutions for these businesses. Additionally, expanding to pursue the international market and take the Signarama concept even further is another available and advantageous growth opportunity.

As a leader in the sign industry, Signarama is no stranger to market trends. Since 1987, we’ve relied on innovative brand building from our franchise owners for 700-plus locations worldwide. We keep up with the times through new software, cutting-edge digital printers, 24/7 order fulfillment, 3D printing, and more.

Here are some trends predicted for the future of the industry.

Greater Cybersecurity Needs

Most technology-focused companies are seeing a greater need for cybersecurity measures. The printing and sign industry is no stranger to documents that contain sensitive information, so franchisees can take extra steps like installing cybersecurity software and establishing secure connections to prevent hacking and tampering.

Signarama’s backing by our parent company, United Franchise Group (UFG), allows us to provide our franchisees with secure, top-of-the-line products and services to satisfy their client’s needs while exercising data security best practices.

More Personal Design

By offering a more personalized approach to products, customers can utilize design and layouts to truly make the product their own. We can put customer’s name, information, logo, and more on pretty much any of our products for any company or event. This capability can help drive long-term loyalty through building customer relationships.

Workflow Digitization

Technology should be used in order to make the process quicker and easier by allowing customers to scan and store documents. This includes the ability to automatically connect to other electronic devices, and utilize print on the go (through the use of smartphones) and print as a service (subscription-based).

Minimalistic Design

Instead of complex, information-driven designs, customers have been favoring more clean, crisp, minimalistic designs as of late.

Improved Environmental Practices

Customer preferences are leaning more toward sustainable businesses, and consumer demand is driving eco-friendly initiatives like re-planting trees and using recycled paper.

3D Printing Is More Available

As 3D and digital printing technology becomes more affordable, printers can diversify and offer their customers this service. We’re proud to continue to support and grow our locations around the world, and that includes upgrades and training to provide the newest in accessible signage, braille, and other printing capabilities.

If you’re looking to start a business in the sign industry, look to Signarama for a smooth and easy transition into the reliable franchise of sign making.

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