A booming industry, more and more sign companies are emerging. Once you decide you want to open a sign company, the most important step in the process is choosing the right name. Image is everything for a business, and choosing the right name is of utmost importance (especially for a sign business).

According to Forbes Magazine, there are four specific qualities of a good company name. These qualities are: You can pronounce it, it’s not too long, it’s straightforward, and it’s catchy. These are the four basic elements to coming up with any business name, and a sign company isn’t much different. However, there are ways to make a great name for a sign company as opposed to just a good one.

Direct and Straightforward Approach

A direct and straightforward name is usually a good idea in terms of sign shops. Take Signarama for example. The customer knows exactly what the company is selling. Keeping it simple with sign company names is always a good idea. In addition, when someone searches the word “sign” on the Internet, odds are Signarama will pop up. As a franchise, it also eliminates other competition that may have similar names to it as well. Someone would most likely choose their nearest Signarama, a trusted brand and #1 sign franchise, over a “Signs-R-Us” or another random shop that may not have as much of a following.

Catchy and Clear

Most sign companies see success by having a clear name that is catchy enough to lure customers in while also being open and honest with what they do. According to Sign Business, many people looking to open their own sign business use this very simple formula: (name) + sign. This is the most basic, to the point way of creating a name. There isn’t much of a catch to it, but there is a certain appeal to a sign that just says “John Smith Signs.” The customer can tell automatically what the shop is for, however it lacks a very critical element that could risk the shop’s success.

Creativity Is an Important Factor

Creativity does factor into creating ideal sign company names. Having a name like “John Smith Signs” might not generate a plethora of response like “Signarama” does, and that is primarily due to the creativity component. Customers like something catchy that will spark their interest before they even walk in the store.

Some creative words to work into a sign company name may include vinyl, banner, mark, letter, pen, logo, autograph, ink, marquee, and many more have connections to the word sign and can create interesting and unique names. Being one-of-a-kind in the sign shop world is important. It is a growing industry and you do not want your shop to get lost in the masses. Coming up with a good name for any company is difficult, especially a sign company.

Does the name “Signarama” sound more appealing to you than any of the others? Contact us for more information on becoming part of our team and using our name as your sign company.