Signarama has been a leader in the signage industry for decades now, so we have a clear picture of what kinds of people could benefit from a sign printing business. When choosing a franchisor, it’s crucial to pick a brand that has a good understanding of their ideal consumer, to help you with the sales and marketing aspects of your business. After all, if you’re new to the franchising experience, you should have a franchisor who is prepared to fill in the blanks. Here’s a quick look at what customers you can expect to work with as a Signarama franchise owner and why they need our services.

Our Clients

Signarama operates under a B2B and B2C model, which allows us to work with both consumers and businesses. So, in essence, a Signarama consumer could be anyone! 

On the B2B front, Signarama franchises work with local businesses of all sizes, as well as non-profits and religious groups. Our sign printing business locations help create eye-catching signage, which is more permanent and used to advertise a company to the public. On the other hand, we can produce smaller products such as banners, flags, and pylons to promote events or limited-time offerings. Our team collaborates with business owners of all kinds in order to provide them with the ideal solutions for their unique purpose. Our clients trust Signarama to always follow-through with professional results in a timely manner. 

Although our primary consumers are businesses, Signarama’s services are open to the public as well. We’ve had customers come to us just to add a personal touch to their vehicle, which is a request you’re able to fulfill as a Signarama sign printing business owner. Customers love our vehicle wraps, which we can even outfit for motorboats, jet skis, and yachts. From concept to installation, the Signarama team is involved in the entire process — we make certain our customer’s finished product aligns with their vision. 

Why They Call on Us

As a Signarama business owner, you’ll be providing your clients with a service that has been identified as an essential segment of brand marketing. The results of visible on-site signage are well-documented and many organizations are starting to take notice. Here we have provided some eye-opening statistics from a LinkedIn article written by Paul Ingle that speak to both our demand and the importance of a sign printing business.

  • 76%: consumers who say they entered a business they never visited before based on its signs
  • 68%: consumers believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of its products or services
  • 60%: consumers said that the absence of signs deters them from entering a store or business


The signage market is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and Signarama is always staying ahead of trends to extend our capabilities. It’s our responsibility to always keep our services to the top of the industry’s standard — as a Signarama sign printing business owner, you directly benefit from our findings. Find a franchisor who cares about your progress by teaming up with Signarama!

Would you like to learn more about the process of opening your own sign printing business with Signarama? Feel free to get in touch with us today!