One of the latest drivers of innovation in the signage industry is adopting environmentally conscious practices. As an industry leader, Signarama is dedicated to staying on top of the latest research and development and passing that information along to our franchise owners. While technological advancements may scare some, we embrace the idea of reducing our carbon footprint through digital means.

Sustainability and the signage industry haven’t always gone hand in hand. More consumers prefer environmentally friendly businesses, and they’re willing to pay a premium for recycled products. Adopting more sustainable practices can help not only your carbon footprint but also your bottom line.

If you’re looking to improve your signage business’ environmental impact, here are some considerations:

  • LED for signage lighting. Not only does LED last longer than traditional bulbs, it also can help you save on energy costs and provide a return on investment.
  • Energy-efficient printing techniques. Flatbed printing reduces waste cartridge usage and indoor air pollution and creates shorter runs of signs. Other energy-efficient models also utilize fewer cartridges, contain fewer harmful chemicals, and light sources that are ozone-free.
  • Improved materials. Substrates can be applied to a variety of materials, enhancing durability and combining/automating a number of preparation tasks.
  • Improved operations. Digitizing some elements of the printing process (for example, digital mockups) will improve operations and help reduce excess materials.
  • Recycled materials. Using reclaimed waste materials from one project for another is an effective and efficient way to be more sustainable.

Opening a Signage Business

The signage industry is a booming, billion-dollar market. There is an incredible demand for signage, and Signarama is proud to be an industry leader in this continually growing market.

Signarama makes the process of opening a signage business simple. If it’s your dream to open a business of your own, we can help regardless of your business experience.

Franchisees can take advantage of our turnkey investment to get up and running quickly and smoothly. Our award-winning brand has over 3,000 team members worldwide, so we know our proven business model works.

Once you invest, Signarama removes all of the guesswork by investing in our franchise owners. We supply our franchisees with our tried-and-true systems, manuals, and training guides. We’re there for you every step of the way, including financing options, site selection, lease negotiation, renovations, and more. You can rely on us to help install fixtures, furniture, equipment, computers, and software systems.

Our initial training course begins with a five-week training method to ensure you’re able to confidently master our systems and processes. The first week takes place at our Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence in West Palm Beach, Florida. Then, we provide one week of virtual training, one week of on-the-job training in an established store, and two weeks of technical and marketing training at your new store.

Franchisees receive ongoing support from Signarama in the form of ongoing training sessions, regional meetings, franchise owner conventions, ongoing online educational opportunities, a regional support staff, our highly effective mentor program, special achievement recognition, technical assistance, and discounts through our preferred vendors.

Lastly, we keep our franchisees up to date on the latest industry trends with research and development, so you always have access to a wealth of new information.

Signarama is the superior signage industry franchise with all the tools you need to succeed.

Contact us today to learn more about the signage industry with Signarama!