Before starting any business, you will want to get a clear picture of the kind of costs involved. When you are starting from scratch, there are many unknowns. You might not have a totally clear picture of the market you are serving or what kind of expenses could pop up after opening your doors. Owning a franchise, however, is generally considered a less risky investment. If the brand is already established, there should be a clear picture of what kind of funds will be necessary to start and sustain the business.

But every franchise comes with a different set of financial requirements. In addition to making sure you have sufficient funds, you might want to consider what kind of return on investment you can expect –and how quickly – as well as how your potential franchisor will help you reach your goals.

Keep reading to learn more about the Signarama investment profile and whether you might have what it takes to own and operate your own sign making franchise.

What is the Signarama Investment Profile?

Finances play a crucial part in running every business, franchise or otherwise. You need to invest money into your enterprise in order to become fully operational and see a profit. Signarama is considered a turnkey investment because once you make your initial investment your sign making franchise could be up and running – and generating income – within weeks.

In many cases, a franchise investment is substantially less than it would cost to build a new company from scratch. That said, you will need funds to cover the expenses associated with opening and operating your new Signarama location: including furniture, equipment, software, utilities, and more.

Additionally, every franchise requires what is called a franchise fee, although the exact amount can vary wildly. This fee allows you access to proprietary information, like our trademark and logo. Unlike other franchises which charge fees upwards of $100,000, the Signarama franchise fee is just $49,500.

In total, you can expect to invest somewhere around $185,000 to $195,000 in your Signarama franchise. This includes $49,500 of liquid capital (in the form of a readily convertible asset, or cash) which will be helpful in covering start-up costs until your business begins to turn a profit.

Why Choose Signarama As Your Sign Making Franchise

With our relatively low barrier to entry, Signarama is an excellent way to make your investment dollars go farther. Signarama has been a leader in the sign industry since 1986 so you can rest assured that we know the landscape and have a wealth of expertise to share with our franchisees. In addition, we are backed by franchise giant the United Franchise Group, giving you access to an even larger support network.

When it comes to opening a sign making franchise the key word to remember is opportunity. It’s a profitable, growing industry and with a globally recognized brand like Signarama behind you, you will be poised for success far into the future.

As you can see, a sign making franchise like Signarama is a smart business investment. If you still have questions about the Signarama investment profile or want to get started with the franchising application process, contact us today.