A look into the family-owned business this Father’s Day

June 14, 2019 // Franchising.com // WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Father’s Day is celebrated as a day of gratitude and appreciation, but the meaning is a little more special when father and son are in business together. Such is the case with Ray Titus, CEO of United Franchise Group, and son, A.J. Titus, President of Signarama – the world’s largest sign franchise.

Signarama is a family affair. Ray Titus is a lifelong entrepreneur who began his career with his father, franchising legend, Roy Titus. Together, they opened the first store in Farmingdale, NY in 1986, and less than a year later, a second store opened in North Palm Beach, FL. Today, from its global headquarters in West Palm Beach, Signarama serves hundreds of franchisees around the world.

Ray’s eldest son, A.J., began his career by selling signs for Signarama franchisees, Maria and Lino DeFeo, in West Palm Beach. After receiving that hands-on experience, A.J. transitioned to UFG Corporate Headquarters where he set his sight on the top. With the “ground-up” knowledge of operations, A.J. was named brand President in 2017.

“A.J. is the third-generation family president for Signarama, following in the footsteps of myself and my father. He has shown that he is not only committed to the business, but he has a strong sense of shared purpose and vision for the future of Signarama,” said Ray Titus.

Now at the helm of the leading sign franchise company, A.J. Titus says, “Continuing my family’s legacy is an honor that I never take lightly. My dad taught me so much – and before him, his father taught him – so the vision of this business is generational. My experience with Signarama runs deep and I feel so fortunate that I’ve met and built relationships with each of our franchisees over the years, which has helped strengthen our organization.”

Among the over 800 franchisees in the Signarama network, is the family at Signarama Deerfield Beach that features the father-son team of Gary and Randy Bogen.

Gary, alongside his wife and partner Susan, grew the business from the ground up in 2002. He has great pride for the way his relationship with his son has evolved. “It’s never an easy road because both sides have their own opinions,” said Gary Bogen. “And sometimes, they’re both right. You just have to find a middle ground so that it all works.”

“It’s important to have your goals aligned so that at the end of the day, everyone is on the same page,” said Randy Bogen. “While you can disagree about this or that, it’s all minutia, and it’s all a process towards the same goal,” he added.

Father’s Day in the world of business presents a unique dynamic between fathers and sons because of multiple layers that include a love for the business, a willingness to accept learning curves, a shared vision for long-term success, and the patience to find common ground for the good of the business. Beyond the hard work, the knowledge passed on from father to son makes a father-son business relationship very special. To all the fathers and sons in the Signarama family, Happy Father’s Day for the examples you set and the guidance you give!

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