Signs. They are impossible to escape.

You see them nailed to streetlight posts, in yards on storefronts, wrapped around cars cruising down the freeway, and flapping in the wind when you’re out looking for sales.

Yes, signs are everywhere. And if you’re like most entrepreneurs, they’ve probably got you wondering who’s making all these signs—and how you can get a piece of the action.

Signs are big business, and the sign business is a big opportunity for people who are interested in running their own franchise.

Here’s a look at the first five steps you need to take to open your own sign franchise:

1) Do Your Research

Franchising isn’t for everyone. Some entrepreneurs prefer to start their own businesses rather than franchising.

The only way to find out whether franchising is a good fit for you is to do your research. Talk to independent owners. Talk to franchisees. Take a look at some draft business plans, real estate options, sourcing services, and draft hiring plans.

If you come to the conclusion that you’re more likely to succeed with support from a franchise that can provide all of these things—and more—and you are confident you can accept the franchise’s requirements, a sign franchise is probably a good fit for you.

2) Figure Out the Finances

One of the nice things about opening a sign franchise is that you know precisely how much it’s going to cost you. The cost will likely depend on a variety of factors, including location costs, legal requirements, franchise fees, and real estate costs.

The best sign franchise companies will be able to determine what the costs will be for your territory and help you begin to arrange financing and get your books in order so you are well positioned to succeed once your sign franchise opens.

3) Choose a Franchise

This is probably the most important decision you’ll make when it comes to opening your own sign franchise.

You’re going to want to choose a franchise that is financially strong, stable, growing, and has a long track record of success. Because you’ll be operating your company under a national brand, reputation matters as well.

Do more homework and research your options carefully. Talk to industry insiders. Read reputable magazines that rank the top sign franchises. Reach out to several different franchises and request detailed information.

Then, choose the franchise that seems to be the best fit for you.

4) Make the Most of Every Opportunity

The best sign franchise companies have robust training programs. Make the most of them.

Go to the company’s headquarters. Take copious notes. Ask as many questions as you can. Tour other facilities. Get your hands dirty by doing every job in the business. Learn to run the printing equipment. Do a little designing. Sell some signs.

You’ll be glad you did—because there is no substitute for real-world experience when it comes to learning how to own and operate a new business.

Developing a deep understanding of how the franchise and business works will help set you up for absolute success.

5) Have Fun

Yes, running a sign franchise is serious business. Yes, you’re going to make significant investments of time, money, and energy. Yes, there’s going to be a lot on the line.

And that’s exactly why you need to enjoy every minute of the process.

Having fun at work makes you more productive, and being more productive increases your chances of being successful.

Plus, you’re going to be surrounded by a team of supportive, energetic people who want to help you succeed.

And that’s fun.

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Open a Signarama Franchise in 10 Easy Steps