Signage is everywhere. It’s in the park, it’s at the bus stop, on buildings, in malls, at football games, sometimes it’s even on your lawn. Businesses use signs to be successful, and the more clients that need signs means the more opportunities there are for sign franchises. “The sign industry is booming,” we say here at Signarama.

How a digital printing franchise is getting “with the times”?

The digital printing industry is exactly what it sounds like, the combination of digital and print. More and more people are discovering that print is not dead, and despite the myths about it, there is still no more effective method to promoting a brand than through print.

Sign franchises are using new software and extremely efficient digital printers that have done wonders to the sign industry. Digital printers have the capability to pick up extreme detail that was unfathomable just a few years prior. More people are getting custom signs because they see success with the improved products. Signarama also invests time and effort into B2B opportunities to compare and contrast methods and assure we are doing what is best for our customers.

Is it better to open a digital printing business or franchise?

Although the digital printing industry is growing, this also means other businesses are growing as well. With a digital printing business, there is not support or mentoring from a team. There is also the risk of competition coming in. More potential consumers are likely to go to Signarama, a trusted brand and #1 sign franchise in the country, than the small, no name shop. By franchising, you do not need prior experience printing, design, or sign creation. With sign franchises, especially Signarama, they train you and provide support until you are comfortable as a franchise owner. Even if you already have a digital printing franchise, there is still the opportunity to switch to a franchise, and it will cost less than you think.

By franchising, there is growth opportunity, a team of experts to help market and sell products, a well-known name brand, training, and non-stop support. A digital printing franchise provides you with a leg up in a growing market and all the tools you need to run your franchise.

Why a Signarama franchise?

Aside from being the award-winning, #1 sign franchise, Signarama will help you all along the way to becoming a successful digital printing franchise. We have available territories all over the United States and in over 60 countries. In a growing industry, don’t worry about competition. We are a complete stop for all digital printing needs and strive for not only client satisfaction but franchisee satisfaction as well. We are a team, and as a team we support each other 24/7. Let us help you get started.