Office signs that are straightforward, crisp, and professional are a must-have for a modern workplace.

Having custom-made signs around the office increases the professionalism and functionality of any workplace and could well increase workplace efficiency and communication.

Strategically placed office signs create a workplace that’s easy for your employees and your business partners to navigate. With custom-made signs, you don’t need to worry about new hires or your business partners wandering from one room to the next in search of an available conference room or wasting time looking for an employee or department.

You can have custom desktop nameplates and door-mounted plaques created for everyone in the office. This makes it easier for new hires to get acquainted and also projects a professional image for anyone stopping by your office.

Personalized, custom-made signs can also be made to fit over almost any surface, including most hard surfaces, glass windows, and wooden doors.

Business Signs for Everyday and Promotional Use

The first thing that most people do when they walk into an unfamiliar office building is look for the receptionist’s desk. What are they really looking for?

They’re looking for a nameplate with the receptionist’s name and title angled outward facing the lobby and maybe an attractive, colorful piece of office signage behind the receptionist displaying the company’s brand and logo. It’s all about making a great first impression.

Custom-made signs give businesses the opportunity to get their name and brand out there on their own terms. If they want to be fun and colorful with their signs, they can go in that direction. They can also choose clean, corporate signs tailor-made for lobbies and designed to strike the right note of professionalism.

Signs aren’t one size fits all—a quick-service restaurant, for instance, is going to require a huge sign for its menu, while corporate culture might dictate something less colorful and more no-nonsense. Additionally, businesses might consider adding an indoor sign to indicate “No Smoking” or “No Cell Phones” if those things are issues in the workplace.

Office signage runs the gamut from conservative conference room signs and wall plaques that are crafted to last decades to vibrant vinyl signs that are equally durable but only intended to stay up during the holidays or an ongoing promotion.

Improve Workplace Communication

Signs can increase workplace efficiency and improve a business’s overall workplace communication. Ideally, businesses would want meeting room and conference rooms signs to be updated to reflect their current guests and how the room is being used.

Guests to an event that a business is hosting in a conference room, for instance, need to know what time the event starts and whether the room has reached capacity. Signs communicating this information can minimize confusion about or disruptions during the event.

Indoor business signs improve communication and are flexible enough to allow managers to change the message on a day-to-day basis as workplace conditions change. Signs with inserts are an obvious option for managers who often need to field marshal personnel from one room to another.

Businesses seeking more flexibility should look into digital signs. LED window signs can draw customers into restaurants, and commercial LCD signs are ideal for improving workplace communication in a corporate setting. It’s all about improving communication, morale, and professionalism.

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