Every business in the world, from one-man real estate offices to major corporations with thousands of employees, needs signage. Without it, attracting customers and simply identifying a work space is basically impossible.

If you’re in the business of selling signage, though, location is among the top factors you need to consider when looking for retail space. Use this guide to help you learn more about choosing the perfect location for your sign business.

Foot Traffic

Selling signage isn’t exactly like selling impulse items you get at the convenience store. Few people are going to walk into your shop on a whim, purchase a sign and walk out the door with it. That’s just not how it works for the most part.

Since that’s the case, you might be wondering why foot traffic matters to you at all. The simple answer is that foot traffic gets people to recognize that your business is there and making signage they can use down the road.

From small business owners who need a sign now or will need one in the future to managers and owners of larger companies, the more people who walk by your storefront, the more people will potentially buy signs from you.

Of course it’s not quite that simple, but the more people who contact you or come through the front door, the more chances you’ll have to sell signage and build relationships with business owners in your community.

What About Driving Traffic?

Foot traffic can help you attract potential customers, but it’s not the only type of traffic that can be beneficial to you. If your storefront or signage is visible from a populated road or highway, people will also learn about your business, even if they don’t get a chance to talk to you in person right away.

This type of traffic may not be as beneficial as a face-to-face meeting, but over time, it’s generally much better than having a hidden storefront with signage that’s only visible once people find you.

Retail spaces that only get driving traffic could also be considerably cheaper than those in walkable areas where rent is likely to be high for the area you’re in.

Traffic vs. Cost

The concept of putting your sign business in a high-traffic area makes sense. When you realize that you’ll have to pay rent, though, finding the most expensive space with tons of foot traffic might not make sense if you want to turn a profit.

When you’re looking for the right space to house your sign business, you want a mixture of traffic and affordability. Getting some traffic from people passing or driving by, as well as being able to save a bit on rent to pay marketing expenses, will likely give you the best of both worlds.

Finding the right balance between traffic and cost can be difficult, but it’s essential for companies making and selling signage.

Near Business Zones

Depending on the city you’re in, you may find that most small businesses and big businesses are located near one another. Areas where most people live might be separated from them with central zones that are home to each individual type of structure.

If that’s the case, being near other businesses is obviously the best choice. If a business owner needs a sign, why would they come to you 20 miles away when your competition is just down the road?

Standing out from the competition is a good thing, but making your potential customers work harder just to access your business most certainly is not.

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