The vinyl decal business is one of those great business opportunities in which you can start small—even out of your own garage—and scale up as you acquire more equipment, hone your skills, and grow a bigger customer base.

Because customers will often ask for your design opinions, this is a great career for those individuals eager to express their creativity while also earning money. Of course, even if you aren’t particularly skilled in the artistic talents, you can still have a great future in the vinyl decal business, as you can always hire creative talent or use software to do the design work for you.

Eager to become an entrepreneur? Check out the following how-tos of starting your own vinyl decal business:

The Toolbox Essentials

Making vinyl decals is a craft and, just as any other craft, it requires owning and knowing how to use a specific set of tools to be competitive and meet consumers’ demands.

  • Plotters & Cutters.  Plotters and cutters have exceptionally sharp blades that are specifically designed to cut cleanly through vinyl. They are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from desktop-style to those big enough to cut across vinyl rolls over five feet wide. If you are starting small, it’s best to go with a couple of smaller and mid-sized units, but be prepared to replace blades regularly on lesser quality brands.
  • Printers.  Like plotters and cutters, vinyl decal printers vary significantly in size. There are hand-held units for rapid-firing card-sized stickers and massive office printers designed for detailed banner work with specialty inks. A good tip is to buy printers that have integrated blades to make printing and cutting large volumes of vinyl easier.
  • Cutting Mats for a Clean Work Space.  You’ll need a dedicated space for working with decals. Large cutting mats that are self-healing (meaning small marks are easily wiped away) with integrated ruler markings and grids are ideal.

Signmaking Software

Too many people enter the sign and vinyl decal business as a type of hobby and think they can skip (or skimp) on sign making software. Huge mistake. Investing in and taking the time to thoroughly familiarize yourself with a reputable sign making software often means the difference between total frustration and complete satisfaction with your products. Most specialized software options will offer you a free or discounted trial. Experiment with a couple of different models during such trial periods before choosing the one with the best features and user interface for you.

Choosing Online, Offline, or Both

Finally, when starting a vinyl decal business, it’s important to consider where and how you’ll be selling your products, so that you can best craft your marketing and presence. For example, running an online vinyl decal business has the advantages of allowing 24/7 sales to a massive audience—however, there’s also the disadvantage of trying to stand out among a ton of competitors and an inability for customers to really appreciate your products first-hand.

In contrast, an offline vinyl decal business allows customers to come in, peruse your merchandise, and talk to you in person about their vinyl needs. However, operating a storefront can be expensive and more demanding, with the larger focus on positive customer interactions. You’ll also need to train employees and ensure that you always have quality on-site samples.

For all of these aspects, Signarama is here to help. Becoming a Signarama franchisee offers key advantages including quality and comprehensive training, starter toolkits, and assistance with financing to open your storefront. Does this sound like a great business opportunity for you? Contact us today at Signarama and find out how you can get started on opening a franchise of your own!