Anyone who’s thinking about investing in a franchise opportunity will want to look into the people who are running the company. You can get a good idea of how effectively the franchising system is run by researching the team behind the franchise. Remember, some businesses don’t care about the franchisees—they only franchise to collect franchising fees.

This is not the case at Signarama. Our team cares greatly about every one of our franchise owners. It’s why we have such a comprehensive training and support system in place—we never want our franchisees to struggle. But it’s important that you look into the team behind every franchise opportunity you consider, so here’s a brief look into the team behind Signarama:

The CEO of The United Franchise Group

Signarama belongs to the United Franchise Group along with numerous other franchises, including Experimac, Fully Promoted, and SuperGreen Solutions, to name a few. Ray Titus, who co-founded Signarama in 1986 with his father Roy, is now the CEO of the United Franchise Group.

Ray has more than 30 years of franchising experience and has won numerous accolades within the industry for his work, including the following:

  • He was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in Florida for his accomplishments in building the United Franchise Group into one of the biggest B2B franchise systems in the world.
  • He was awarded the Presidential “E” award by the U.S. Department of Commerce. This is the highest honor the federal government gives to an American exporting company, and President Bush himself bestowed the award on Signarama during a White House ceremony.
  • He was named the Excalibur Business Leader of the Year in 2012 by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in honor of his commitment to innovation, contribution, and community growth.

The President of Signarama

Jim Tatem has been the President of Signarama since 2005, and he has the distinction of being with Signarama from the beginning. He began his career as the first employee in our pilot Signarama store in 1986. Jim was vital to building and growing the Signarama brand and to creating our franchise training programs.

Before being named President of Signarama, Jim was the Director of Support for 19 years. As the Director of Support, he supported and built our Signarama store setups, our field support programs, and our research and development. Jim is a member of the International Sign Association and the Digital Print Imaging Association.

The Vice President of Shared Services

Paula Mercer is the Vice President of Shared Services at Signarama. She has worked for Signarama for a decade and currently oversees all of our internal operations. She is also in charge of the processes and systems that are required for building new Signarama stores. She has a wealth of experience and expertise in franchising that she has brought to the United Franchise Group.

Franchise Opportunity at Signarama

Don’t we seem like the friendliest franchise team out there? Our team’s experience and multiple industry awards speak volumes about our franchising capabilities. If you’re looking to invest in a franchise opportunity, you can rest comfortably with the knowledge that our franchising system is run by an extremely qualified team of experienced and knowledgeable individuals. If you’re interested in investing in one of our franchises, be sure to contact us at Signarama today.