The popularity of multi-unit franchise opportunities has climbed dramatically over the past few years, completely altering how we previously thought about investing. Traditional ways to invest haven’t disappeared, but it’s worth noting that multi-unit operators now own over 50% of franchises.  At Signarama, we like to dig deep into franchising trends and get to the root of why investors are behaving a specific way. Here are just a few of the reasons why we believe multi-unit franchise opportunities have seen such growth in recent years.

Benefits of Our Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities 

Signarama is a respected and recognizable brand name in the signage industry, which is a tremendous benefit for any investor type. However, operators looking to grow their localized reputation faster will see the enormous advantages of making a multi-unit investment. Customer loyalty and awareness are critical, so opening multiple locations in one area can dramatically expand your reach.

Not to mention one of the top advantages for owning more than one Signarama franchise is the multiple revenue streams you’ve opened up. The proximity of your locations could undoubtedly affect your profits, but a spread-out investment allows you to reach different communities and more businesses. For an investor with an existing portfolio or a surplus of liquid capital that is ready to be invested, Signarama’s multi-unit franchise opportunities are a turnkey way to maximize profits potentially. 

Area Developer or Master Licensee

Signarama has a few unique ways that you can reap the rewards of being a multi-unit operator aside from our traditional model. 

Area Developer: If you would like to open multiple locations without handling all of the legwork, Signarama has Area Developer positions available. Unlike traditional multi-unit franchisees, Area Developers invest in multiple locations in a given region and find qualified franchisees to invest in those locations. This investor will reap the rewards of their own location while also benefiting from the revenue in the areas they sell. It’s an ideal way to invest on a larger scale without having to worry about day-to-day operations.

Master Licensee: We’ve seen incredible success opening Signarama locations overseas, and we see excellent potential in opening more territories abroad. Master Licensees receive the same support as U.S. operators, and once their location is up and running, they can recruit new franchisees to take care of daily responsibilities. Similar to Area Developers, Master Licensees will enjoy the income from selling their locations in addition to the royalties agreed upon during signing. 

Are you interested in learning more about Signarama’s multi-unit franchise opportunities? We can walk you through the entire process, so feel free to contact a member of our team today!