You might be wondering what kinds of customers to expect if you decide to open your own sign franchise. If you stop and think about the various organizations in your community, the quick answer is that all of them are in need of sign franchise services. This short list gives a few examples of the kinds of customers you can expect to serve.

Local Businesses

Businesses large and small rely on signmakers to advertise their services and events. Whether it’s a small daycare or salon being run from a home or a chain of pizza restaurants, everyone relies on signs. Whether they’re announcing new services, sales, special events, or simply advertising their business, the local businesses in your community are important customers for any signmaker. One of the benefits of marketing towards other businesses is that regardless of the economy’s direction, businesses always need to advertise.

Non-profits and Religious Groups

Non-profit and religious organizations use signs in much the same way businesses do. Non-profit groups rely on volunteers and fundraising in order to accomplish their goals. They rely on high-quality signs to help spread their messages and raise awareness. Religious groups similarly use signage to help raises community awareness of their presence. Whether they’re trying to attract new members, promote a community event, or raise money for a charity, religious groups also rely on signs to spread the word.

Schools and Universities

Signage is instrumental for many K-12 schools. In many cases, local schools do a lot more than just educate your community’s children; they serve as community hubs for holiday, charity, and sporting events. K-12 schools need signs to advertise events such as these, as well as to convey important information such as enrollment dates, and sometimes even open employment positions.

Similarly, universities are communities unto themselves. Every day on a college campus brings a host of speakers, fundraisers, social activities, and more. Countless clubs and student groups work to organize these events, and will need access to signage in order to promote them. Other university signage needs include parking notices, directional signs, campus maps, and more!

These are just a few of the customers you can plan on working with when you franchise with Signarama. If you’d like to learn more about franchising with us, reach out to us today.