In the most general sense, the biggest trend in sign franchising is solid, burgeoning growth. In fact, experts expect 2016 to be the sixth straight year in which franchising—be it sign franchising or anything else—will outgrow corresponding non-franchise businesses across all industries.

We can also identify several more specific sign franchising trends that likely will have long-lasting impacts on the industry:

1. 24/7 Online Access

By utilizing a nonstop e-commerce business model, modern sign franchises never take a break from selling to and interacting with their customer base. The result is faster, more convenient customer service (greatly appreciated by clients!) and improved revenues/cash flow (greatly appreciated by franchisees!).

2. Digital Printing

While traditional typeset printing retains a place in the sign and advertising industry, digital printing is expanding rapidly. Transferring digital images directly to other media products saves time and money, despite the higher cost per page, due to lower setup and labor costs. This is especially true of small-run jobs, but digital printing can even be more cost-effective for jobs of several thousand prints. Additionally, digital printing is ideal for on-demand, quick-turnaround printing.

3. Digital Dynamic Signage (DDS)

Digital dynamic signage (DDS) is a technology by which video advertisements are displayed in public places. It uses high-speed Internet connections to create a digital sign based on a computer-stored image and displayed on an LCD or plasma screen. Such signs are more likely to catch the attention of passersby, can be animated and accompanied by audio, and can be updated in real time.

4. B2B Business Model

In recent years, print franchises have focused on selling to other businesses, maximizing order volumes and establishing long-term relationships with companies for frequent repeat business.

5. Multi-Unit Franchising

Sign franchising, like other franchises, is moving in the direction of multi-unit ownership. In the past, single-unit was the norm, but today, a majority of U.S. franchise locations are owned by multi-unit franchisees.

6. Hiring a Franchise Architect

To mitigate the costs of starting up a new franchise unit, many are turning to franchise architects who put their experience to work to ensure their franchise’s building, equipment, necessary permits, and everything else are adequate and within their startup budget.

Signarama Leads the Way

Besides general sign franchising trends, one clear trend in this market sector is the dominance of Signarama. The Signarama Fanchise has been ranked first in the Entrepreneur magazine Franchise 500 and is widely recognized as the industry leader.

Signarama’s roots run deep. The company has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and it stays up to date on all the latest trends, putting them to work more effectively than many of its competitors.

One key to Signarama’s phenomenal growth is the wide range of services it offers, from banners to trade show props to digital displays. Another factor is Signarama’s commitment to giving each client a fully customized experience that fits his or her needs, creating customer loyalty and brand recognition.

Finally, other keys to Signarama’s printing franchise dominance are the turnkey package, comprehensive franchisee training, and ongoing franchise support network. This combination of high-level customer service and franchisee care is exceptional.

Keep Up with the Trends

To keep up with the latest trends in the printing franchising industry, it is imperative to invest in a franchise company, like Signarama, that constantly works at the cutting edge of the industry.

To learn more, contact Signarama today at 877-959-8087, visit Signarama online, or download the free Signarama Franchise brochure.

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