As technology continues to advance, there are several key sign industry trends that Signarama sign franchise owners should know about. Innovation continues to drive the billion-dollar commercial printing industry, and signage companies will need to evolve to keep up. Continue reading to see how the sign industry trends can impact your sign franchise business and the booming market.

1. Increasing Cybersecurity

While technology is becoming an increased focus for companies, there has been an issue with cybersecurity keeping up with the demand. In the sign industry, our customers print documents that can feature large amounts of sensitive information. Companies are increasing security software to offer customers a significant degree of protection against hacking and tampering.

2. More Personalized Approach

One of the ways sign companies are offering more personalized approaches to businesses is by expanding their offerings to include more design and layout options and services. This increase in personalization may take more time, but the payoff is providing improved customer relationships and long-term loyalty.

2. Digitization

We live in an ever-increasingly digital world, and the sign industry is no exception. By giving customers more ways to digitize their documents quickly and easily, you can continue to drive business workflow. This advantage is also evident with electronic devices and their increasingly common ability to connect with other devices seamlessly and print on the go.

3. Minimalism is Back

As with all trends, design preferences are cyclical. It used to be en vogue to employ complex designs. These designs were created to capture the consumer’s attention while providing them with a wealth of knowledge. No longer is this the case, however. Customers are choosing more minimalistic designs that focus on clean, crisp layouts.

4. Improved Sustainability

Being environmentally sustainable is becoming an increasingly popular consumer preference. Companies are launching more eco-friendly initiatives than ever before; using recycled paper and making the commitment to plant two trees for every one put to use are easy ways to boost sustainability.

5. 3D Printing Technology

While 3D printers are not necessarily new, they’re becoming increasingly available and more affordable, with prices at an all-time low. Printers can now offer this service to their existing client base and draw in new customers with this feature.

6. Printing Subscriptions

Also known as print-as-a-service, subscription-based printing provides an automated approach to keep businesses running. Gone are the days of running out of ink; with this service, printers can automatically place an order as needed before supplies dwindle. This ability can help to reduce labor and time costs when fulfilling an order.

When you open a sign franchise with Signarama, we can help every step of the way. Our comprehensive training is only the beginning, and thanks to our ongoing support, you can rest assured that you’ll stay on top of industry trends throughout the life of your business.

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