Have you been scoping out Signarama franchises for sale? If so, you’ve identified a great investment opportunity. Signarama has been steadily growing for decades because customers and franchisees alike value what we have to offer. We’re a one-stop shop for virtually every signage need, making us popular among the businesses and organizations in the areas we serve. We get a lot of interest from potential investors every day, but many of them don’t realize that there are a number of significant benefits to opening more than one Signarama franchise location. Here, we’ll learn more about some of these benefits.

Make the Most of Your Training

With Signarama franchises for sale around the world, we’ve developed a comprehensive training program to help new investors learn the tricks of our trade. You’ll spend two weeks at our corporate headquarters taking part in intensive classroom training, followed by hands-on learning right at your own location. Once you’ve learned how to run a Signarama franchise, why limit yourself by only running one? You’ve put in the work, so maximize on the time you’ve already invested by opening a second location.

Valuable Cost Savings

There are many opportunities to save money when you open two Signarama locations. For example, you’ll enjoy a discount on your franchise fee when you open a second location. The franchise fee is intended to offset the major costs associated with your onboarding, so the company actually saves money when you open more than one location, and we pass those savings along to you. You might also find that you don’t need to hire more employees when it comes to some administrative tasks. For example, if you choose to hire a business manager, they may be able to keep things running smoothly in both locations.

Twice the Potential for Profit

We’re careful to offer Signarama franchises for sale within protected territories to guard against competition. When you open more than one Signarama, you’ll have access to a larger customer base, more businesses and organizations who may require your services, and more potential for profit. Why help only one area with their signage needs when you can service two or more?

You Won’t Have to Do It Alone

Signarama is famous for the exemplary support we provide our franchisees. Of course, that support extends to their first, second, and third locations – and as many more as they can invest in. We know that the idea of opening multiple sign-making businesses can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help. We work with our franchisees to find the perfect location, secure all of the necessary equipment and software systems, market their new business, and much more. As you continue to research Signarama franchises for sale, keep in mind that this support is a key part of your investment in our brand. We want our franchisees to enjoy more freedom and flexibility than they did in their previous careers, and our guidance throughout every stage is a key part of that support.

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