Going into business for yourself is the American dream. There are a lot of reasons why people may want to leave the corporate world and strike out on their own, but starting a business from scratch may be more work than new business owners or portfolio-stacked entrepreneurs may be able to handle. There are many benefits of franchising, and Signarama is the ideal franchisor to start your dream business with.

Choosing a franchise opportunity with Signarama is a great way to start your business with a known brand. We’re an industry leader in the sign and digital printing business deeply rooted in the B2B community. We provide owners with all of the resources they need to start a business and thrive in a booming industry.

When you go it alone, you have to figure everything out on your own, using your time and resources. There’s no business model or instructions to provide a path to operations. There’s no one to offer assistance if you run into an issue. There’s no projection of how your business will perform, so you will need to do trial and error to see what works in your market.

4 Reasons Opening a Franchise Is Better Than Starting from Scratch

Franchising with Signarama eliminates all of these concerns and sets you up for success. Our global footprint drives better buying power and name recognition than anyone else in the industry, but there are many more reasons why opening a franchise with us is better than starting from scratch, including:

  1. We’re an established brand. For over 35 years, Signarama has been relied upon by communities around the world. As the premier brand of United Franchise Group (UFG), we’ve built a reputation as industry leaders for our high-quality wide range of products and franchising expertise. We’re an award-winning brand and international leader and have a proven track record of success with nearly 800 stores globally.
  2. We offer the best resources. No sign experience required! A turnkey investment provides everything you need, including comprehensive training, business coaching, ongoing support, access to a cache of marketing materials, ongoing marketing assistance, flexible franchise concepts, and more. We offer cutting-edge technology and 24/7 online ordering so customers can always have reliable access.
  3. We can help you break into a $14B-dollar industry. The B2B industry has been growing steadily for years. We’ve streamlined our well-established franchise model to get your location up and running both efficiently and effectively. We have a B2B foundation that provides a strong customer base in virtually any economic condition with a high potential for profit.
  4. Built-in opportunities for business growth. We make it easy to grow, whether that’s multiple units, co-branding, area developer positions, or master licensee positions. For example, investing in multiple Signarama franchises greatly increases your customer base, multiplies potential profits, creates more opportunities for valued employees, and allows you to fully leverage the time you’ve spent mastering our business model.

From start to finish, Signarama is there to guide you through the process of becoming a new business owner and provide you with the many advantages of franchising. We’ll teach you the ins and outs of the industry while giving you the confidence to build your business. Join Signarama and see how we can help you succeed.

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