The year was 1986, and an aspiring businessman in Florida was about to change the way businesses market their products and services by making it easier than ever to print high-quality signs and banners. Nearly 30 years later, that businessman’s company has become the top sign franchise in the country and the 76th ranked franchise overall, according to Entrepreneur and its Franchise 500 rankings.

The company boasts more than 400 locations in the United States and another 328 around the world. It offers entrepreneurs opportunities to invest in turnkey operations built on a solid foundation of success. And it continues to play an important role in helping businesses market themselves and build their brands.

It’s Signarama, the sign franchise with the most recognizable and reputable brand in the industry.

If you are an aspiring franchisee who is exploring opportunities and options, you are going to want to learn more about Signarama, the sign franchise with a 30-year track record of success. Here is a look at three things you might not have known about Signarama:

1) It’s All about Branding

Many people see the name Signarama and assume that it is just a sign-printing company. Although Signarama franchises excel at printing signs, their specialty is branding.

Signarama stores sell a lot more than signs—they sell branding opportunities. Every banner, decal, vehicle sign, floor mat, car wrap, and, yes, sign, is an opportunity for Signarama’s customers to increase their visibility in the right places, in the right ways.

Companies that work with Signarama don’t just look to the sign franchise for signs and printing services. They look to Signarama for marketing expertise and ideas about how to better brand their businesses through design, logo development, and more.

2) Signarama Never Sleeps

No sign franchise can survive without a steady stream of customers who come back whenever they need signs, banners, decals, window lettering, logos, vehicle displays, or glow-in-the-dark signs.

That means customer service is the lifeblood of any successful sign franchise. It’s also the reason why Signarama never sleeps.

Signarama offers its customers around-the-clock access to professional designers who can quickly take a customer’s ideas and goals and turn them into whatever kind of branding solution that customer needs.

Focusing on providing exceptional customer service is part of the reason why Signarama has become the top-ranked sign franchise in the United States.

3) Newcomers Are Welcome at Signarama

You may think you have to be an expert in the sign industry to become a Signarama franchisee, but that’s a misconception. Industry newcomers are welcome at Signarama.

Because Signarama has been offering franchising opportunities to entrepreneurs for nearly 30 years, the company has the knowledge and experience to help its franchisees reach their goals. Through the years, the company has developed best practices and proven processes designed to make the franchises turnkey.

In addition, the company offers a robust training and support program and ongoing support for new franchisees.

The training program includes 15 days of onsite training in your store, 11 days of training at the company’s headquarters, and an in-store mentor who helps you learn the business. The support program features purchasing cooperatives; regular newsletters with tips, trends, and other valuable information; marketing; and security.

Newcomers are welcome at Signarama!

Become a Branding Expert

If you’re ready to join the ranks of Signarama franchisees and become a valued partner of other local businesses, visit Signarama’s website today for FAQs, testimonials from other franchisees, and more information about how you can become a branding expert.

Open a Signarama Franchise in 10 Easy Steps