There are pros and cons to investing in a franchise as opposed to a small business, but many entrepreneurs tend to overlook these key benefits of franchising. Finding the right franchise for you is key to being successful in your business endeavors, and in order to do that, you have to explore the different sectors of the franchise industry to see which one fits you best.

More and more people are investing in a custom sign franchise because the industry is growing. Because the industry is becoming more profitable, franchises like Signarama are maximizing the benefits. Here are some of the bonuses you gain by investing in a custom sign franchise such as Signarama:

Bonus #1: Endless Opportunities

As the sign industry continues to grow, it is opening up more territories, or target markets, for franchises. Businesses are constantly in need of custom signage and promotional materials, and turn to Signarama for help. In addition to domestic, national opportunities for franchising, Signarama also has international opportunities as well. Signarama is surely starting to corner the market of custom sign franchises, and now may be the best time to invest.

Bonus #2: Brand Recognition

In addition to the endless opportunities, investing in a custom sign franchise also means you have a well-known and trusted brand behind you. This is very rarely the case when you open your own custom sign shop, because potential customers don’t know who you are. In order to make sure you invest in a good franchise, it is important to research the different brands prior to committing.

An example of a well-known custom sign franchise is Signarama, and more and more people are realizing it. Signarama is also part of United Franchise Group, which is a collection of different franchises and a network for entrepreneurs. This is why franchisees are consistently choosing Signarama for their custom sign franchise.

Bonus #3: Training

One of the key benefits of investing in a franchise is the training it comes with prior to opening your custom sign shop. Although most franchise brands offer training, it is important to investigate whether there are additional requirements prior to investing. Many may require experience in the field of printing or custom signage, or even in business. Fortunately, there are still franchise opportunities for people who do not have experience. As long as you have a passion for the industry, Signarama will teach you everything you need to know: no experience is necessary!

Signarama has an initial training program that is two-weeks long at our headquarters in Florida, followed by a week of hands-on training in an existing franchise. After this, we then train you in your own franchise so that you know the ins and outs of your custom sign franchise and are ready to begin your franchise journey.

Bonus #4: Support

Following the training, it is important to invest in a franchise that has a great support system to help you along the way in your franchising journey. Signarama offers 24/7 support that can assist franchisees with any questions they may have. We make a top priority to give our franchisees everything they need to get started and flourish in their line of work.

If you would like more information about the benefits of franchising with custom sign franchises, check out our resource library with multiple downloadables that are all available for free!