You know the saying, First impressions last forever. If you want to invest in a sign-based franchise business and open the doors to your own location, then it is important to note that nailing first impressions will be the crux of your business. Businesses, nonprofits, creative individuals, and many others go to a sign-making business for the express purpose of getting signs that entice and educate their audience. They want a sign that excels at landing positive first impressions.

So how do you help your clients achieve this goal? One step is staying aware of emerging signage trends. Knowing current signage trends and adapting to new ones shows your customers that you are committed to ensuring they receive the quality products that are most apt to make that stellar first impression. Let’s take a look at some of the emerging signage trends we’re seeing in 2017:

Top Three Signage Trends

1. “Rebranding” is huge.

Over the last couple of years, we have watched some pretty major brands initiate mega-rebranding efforts. Wal-Mart, Wendy’s, and McDonald’s—all market dominators of the 1990s and early-2000s—saw their brands take a hit with the rising interest in quality products and healthy living. In response, all three brands have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in rebranding. McDonald’s is even making the major move of phasing out antibiotic-rife chicken and introducing more premium toppings.

So what does this have to do with the signage industry? Everything. Rebranding means new signs, big and small. And with these aforementioned marketing giants making the push to rebrand and reassert themselves in the market, many other businesses and franchise chains will follow their example. As an owner of a sign-making franchise, it will be important to understand the importance of this rebranding trend to better assist your customers who want to follow suit.

2. Sustainable design services and products are maturing.

A few years ago, green and sustainable products like billboard signs were just entering the market. People were interested and excited, but high costs kept most parties away. Now, however, the idea of going green and being sustainable is no longer seen as a passing fad but something that consumers are growing to expect from the businesses they support.

If you are considering investing in a signage company, it is important to be aware that this want for sustainability is not going away. Customers increasingly want products that are proven to be durable and have a low environmental impact. This includes both paint and design materials.

3. Authenticity will be a cornerstone of marketing this year.

Following and promoting this trend may cause your costs to go up, but when marketing and making marketing materials for the Millennial and Homeland generations, authenticity is key. The major move to showing that you are authentic is to drop the use of any generic stock photos and encourage your customers to do the same.

The Internet and the resulting explosion of unique yet readily available content and content creators of every medium have created a need for brands to display authentic and original images and designs. Consider keeping a photographer on contract staff and hiring a top graphic designer to ensure you stay ahead of this trend and are always able to deliver the authentic content your customers desire.

Are you ready to take these three top signage trends to heart and get started with your own design and sign-making business? Contact us today to learn more about emerging trends and how you can quickly and affordably open the doors to your own business. Why wait? Get started now!