One of the most influential determinations an entrepreneur can make is pinpointing their target buyer. There’s a big difference between owning a B2B company versus a B2C retail-focused brick and mortar business – the directions you go in could drastically affect your growth pace. Our B2B franchise opportunities put investors at the helm of a proven and established business with a reputation that is second to none. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider investing in our  B2B printing services business model. 

Receive Authentic Feedback 

When you operate a business that works directly with the public, you can’t always expect to receive honest feedback – sometimes, you may not receive any at all. When you work with other businesses, they understand that you are trying to do everything in your power to improve your company. Those relationships you build could impact your business down the line and help build mutual brand loyalty. When you don’t hear anything from your buyer, it can lead to some pretty misguided decision making. We maintain constant communication throughout the entire buying process, which helps us continually improve our B2B printing services

Buyer Rationale

There isn’t always rhyme or reason to purchasing decisions when you sell to a public consumer. Behind both business categories are real people; however, the goals and objectives for those parties vary. A purchasing decision in B2B typically is driven by specific needs and budget, which means the outcome tends to be a rational decision. B2C tends to be driven more by a need or want, something far less concrete. Since the B2B buyer already understands your product or services, the process causes fewer headaches for you. 

Understanding Your Target Audience  

One of the most beneficial advantages you can have as a business owner in the realm of marketing your product, is an understanding of who you’re looking to reach. Retail businesses often have an idea of who that person is, but they also have to cast a wider net to make a profit. B2B customers might go through a more complex buyer journey, but their needs are often similar. From a marketing perspective, having this information is crucial. Campaigns and website content can be tailored to those needs, by helping answer questions and validating a purchasing decision before your clients take out their wallets. As an established brand in our industry with over three decades of growth to show for, Signarama franchisees have a clear understanding of their clients’ needs before taking advantage of our B2B franchise opportunities.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our B2B franchise opportunities or if you’d like more information about the Signarama brand, please contact a member of our team today.