Do You Know The Lingo? Franchising Made Easier

If you’re looking into opening your own franchise, chances are that you’ve encountered new vocabulary, some of which you may be familiar with and others you might not have heard before. That’s why we’ve put together a guide that will help you navigate through the franchising process with ease. Download our infographic to learn some common franchising terms such as:
  • FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document)
  • Initial Franchise Fee
  • Liquid Capital
  • Royalties
Investing in a franchise can often be confusing enough without unfamiliar terms making the process seem more daunting. We’ve made it easier for you by defining some of these commonly used terms in franchising. Now that you know the lingo, review our franchising site to learn more about starting a sign business with Signarama!
Do You Know the Lingo? Franchising Made Easier

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