Why Invest in a Charleston, West Virginia Franchise?

Are you looking for a franchise opportunity but you aren’t quite sure where to find one? Look no further than Signarama, the premier custom apparel franchise in the nation. At Signarama, we want the best for our owners, which is why we are looking for someone to open one of our franchises in Charleston! Charleston is the capital of West Virginia and as such has a strong economy that will aid in the profitability of a franchise. In addition, the Small Business Association is a fabulous resource for a Charleston franchise owner to take advantage of. Opening a franchise in Charleston is a great way to get started on your dream of owning your own business! Keep reading to learn more about what Charleston franchisees can look forward to.

Charleston, West Virginia

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Strong Local Economy

Charleston may not be a large city, with a population of just over 222,000, but its economy is strong and steady enough to compete with many cities larger than itself. Forbes named Charleston in the top two-hundred on its list of the Best Small Places for Business and Careers, due to the city’s relatively low unemployment rate and the extremely low cost of living and doing business. Indeed, the cost of living in Charleston is 7.2% lower than the national average, but median household income is almost the same as the national average. In addition, Forbes found Charleston in nearly the top one-hundred small cities for education. A well-educated population is a boon for a franchise owner because it means that the labor pool and managerial candidates are well qualified for the job. All of these economic indicators add up to make a franchise in Charleston a smart business choice.

Small Business Association Helps Franchises in Charleston

Small businesses make up over 90% of the businesses in West Virginia, which is why the state joined a Small Business Association, or SBA, to offer resources to these business owners. The SBA, headquartered in Charleston, helps small businesses and franchise owners navigate city and state licensing requirements, find sources of funding, and develop business plans. The SBA also offers amazing networking opportunities for other businesses in all industries. As someone who owns a Charleston franchise, these networking opportunities can provide good insight into owning and operating a business, as you will meet people of varying degrees of experience.

When you franchise with Signarama, you will receive unparalleled corporate support with everything from finding a location to training your employees to updating equipment. When you combine the stellar corporate support with the resources from the SBA, your Charleston franchise is sure to flourish.

At Signarama, we want only the best: the best owners, the best products, and the best locations. We want someone to open a franchise in Charleston to take advantage of its robust economy and fantastic business resources. Our franchise owners’ success is our success, so click this LINK to find out how to get started on opening a Charleston franchise right away.


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