Why Invest in a Chico, California Franchise?

Signarama is excited to announce our newest franchise opportunity in Chico, California! If you have been looking for an opportunity to be your own boss and take charge of your career, investing in a Signrama franchise in Chico is the way to do it.

This small city in northern California is perfect for a new sign franchise. The city boasts a strong economy and a valuable network of business resources that can help your franchise build and grow. Indeed, as a small business in Chico, your sign franchise will gain a lot from this city.

If you are tired of working for someone else’s goals, keep reading to learn how investing in a Signarama franchise in Chico can help you work toward your own.

Chico, California

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Strong Local Economy

Before you invest in a sign franchise, it is important to understand Chico’s economic strengths and weaknesses. The good news is that Chico is full of economic strengths!

In spite of the city’s relatively small size, just over 224,000, Chico is a powerhouse of economic growth. With a job growth rate of 2.5%, jobs are growing in Chico faster than they are in the rest of the nation.

The presence of California State University, Chico is a huge boon for the economy. Students and professors boost the economy with culture and education. In addition, Chico has become a famous retail shopping hub, especially in the downtown area. These two key industries are as diverse as they are successful, and a diverse economy is a strong economy.

Small Business Development Center

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, which is why Chico has invested in resources to help small businesses succeed. One such resource, the Small Business Development Center, or SBDC, is out of Butte College.

Growing Austin

In 2012, WSJ Marketwatch ranked Austin as the number one area for growing businesses and Forbes ranked the area as number one among all big cities for jobs. Austin has a greater diversity of industries that are thriving than most other cities in the United States. A motivated Signarama franchisee may be able to help businesses in every industry, from tech, to the green industry, to entertainment, to differentiate and draw customers. Businesses that thrive and expand may also offer opportunities for customer loyalty to a sign franchisee.

The SBDC provides resources to businesses at every stage. When your business is just starting out it can be incredibly helpful to learn about some of the basic aspects of running a business, like time management, and human resources. Then as your business continues to grow, the experts at the SBDC can assist with planning a growth strategy, finding funding, and so much more.

It is important to know what resources are available to you as a business owner, as each resource is helpful in its own way.

The time to invest in Chico is now. This small town is blossoming into a real economic hub, and investing in this city is investing in its growth. Learn more about our franchise opportunity, and get started on owning your own business right away!


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