Why Invest in a Columbia Franchise?

Columbia, Missouri is a Midwestern college town that has a reputation for progressivism. A place with a penchant for progress may be just the place for a motivated entrepreneur to open a new Signarama franchise. Signarama is the top sign franchise in the country, continuously employing the most cutting edge technologies and crafting signage using modern designs and styles. A Signarama franchisee may help Columbia businesses to stand out, meanwhile creating a flourishing sign business.

Columbia, Missouri

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Columbia Sign Business Opportunities

Education and healthcare are the two biggest industries in the city, so sign franchisees may find opportunity in designing signage and printing materials for the colleges and hospitals. Working with restaurants, retailers, and entertainment venues in the college areas may also prove fruitful for a Signarama franchise. Since much of the city’s revenue comes from the college students that stay in the area, marketing to appeal to younger tastes may help businesses to thrive.

Growing Columbia

Columbia has experienced explosive growth over the past few decades, effectively doubling the population from 1970 to 2014. The city now has a population of about 117,000 and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. The steadily growing population will most likely bring a wealth of new businesses to the area for years to come, creating tremendous growth potential for a sign business that builds a reputation now.

CoMo, the Athens of Missouri

Columbia has been called “The Athens of Missouri’ and is often called “CoMo” because of the city’s emphasis on education and historic architecture. A sign business franchise may find it helpful to cater to the city’s unique cityscape and to offer specific signage and marketing that touch upon the local affinity for sophistication. By working to secure a niche in this unique city, a Signarama franchisee may create a thriving business and a singular reputation.


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