Why Open a Franchise in Detroit?

If you are looking for a sign franchise opportunity in Detroit, Michigan,, look no further than Signarama!

We are looking for someone ambitious and hard-working to help us open a franchise in Detroit. Franchise owners in Detroit will benefit from a useful network of business resources in the city, as well as the network of Signarama resources available to our franchise owners.

Additionally, Detroit’s economy is on the rise, recovering from its recent downturn and bankruptcy rapidly. Your Detroit franchise will be able to contribute to this economic resurgence, benefiting from it at the same time.

Keep reading to learn more about investing in a franchise in Detroit.

Detroit, Michigan

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Business Support Network

Small businesses are key to economic success, which is why Detroit has a myriad of resources available to owners of small businesses and franchises.

Your Detroit franchise will be able to utilize BizGrid, a comprehensive list of the resources available to businesses. BizGrid lists the business services that are available in Detroit, including:

  • Accountants
  • Advisors and counselors
  • Real estate professionals
  • Human resources managers

In addition to these professionals that you may need to help operate your business, BizGrid lists organizations available for business assistance. If you are looking for help with business planning, site selection, financing, permits, or other queries, BizGrid will have the organization that can best provide you with that information.

Franchise Owner Benefits

In addition to the resources available from the city of Detroit, Signarama takes great pride in offering our franchise owners resources and assistance for the life of their business. That means that, from the moment you sign the franchise agreement and until you cease working with us, we will provide ongoing training and support to help you run your franchise smoothly.

Not only do we have experienced corporate agents available to help you, but we also have a vast network of other franchise owners. You can develop relationships with your fellow franchise owners, benefiting your Detroit franchise with their advice and expertise.

Often, taking advice and bouncing ideas around with a member of our experienced corporate team or another franchise owner will help you make the best decision possible for your Detroit franchise, maximizing your business’s potential.

Recovering Economy

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the Great Recession and succeeding years were particularly difficult on Detroit. The city filed bankruptcy and has endured many years of economic uncertainty.

The great news is that Detroit has been working hard and is getting out of its economic downturn. In fact, both Forbes and Pew have reported on Detroit’s outstanding recovery. Pew even went so far as to call Michigan—and thereby Detroit—the “biggest success story” of post-recession America.

Indeed, Detroit has seen great recovery, adding jobs at a high rate. Michigan’s employment growth rate is in the top five in the nation, which is impressive even before you consider that Michigan fell the farthest during the recession.

Michigan has added nearly 420,000 jobs since its lowest point in 2010, many of which are in high demand STEM fields. STEM—science, technology, engineering, and math—are some of the highest paying and most important industries in the nation right now.

Michigan has added so many STEM jobs that its rate has kept up with the growth rate in both California (home to Silicon Valley, widely recognized as the technology hub of the country) and New York. This kind of stat has contributed heavily to Forbes’ post-recession praise of Detroit and Michigan.

Your Detroit franchise can contribute to this economic upswing by creating jobs and investing in the city. Small businesses are key to an economy’s recovery and success, and investing in a Signarama franchise in Detroit is a great way to live your dream of being your own boss and give back to your community.

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