Why Invest in a El Paso, Texas Franchise?

El Paso is one of the top 20 most populous cities in the United States and may be just the right place to settle down for the right Signarama franchisee. El Paso has a population of almost 700,000 and is an integral part of the largest bilingual, binational region in the western hemisphere. Signarama is the number one sign franchise in the nation. By catering to businesses in the area and getting the name out there, a Signarama franchisee may create a highly prosperous business.

El Paso, Texas

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Sign Business Opportunities El Paso

Lively El Paso continually generates opportunities for a sign franchise. El Paso hosts many large festivals and cultural events that businesses from near and far help to cater. Sign franchisees can help businesses to differentiate at El Paso festivals using unique signage and printed advertisements. El Paso also offers residents a wealth of year-round attractions that sign business franchises can work with to create permanent signs and fixtures.

El Paso Life

El Paso has continued to grow at a steady and sometimes explosive pace since the 1950s. The city not only offers residents a wealth of things to do and a thriving economy, the city also offers safety. El Paso was named the Safest Large City in the United States for four years, and has been in the top three since 1997. These factors help to ensure population growth that may be conducive to a new business and can also help to ensure a good life for a relocating Signarama franchisee.

Tourism Industry

In addition to the residential population, El Paso also enjoys a thriving tourism industry as about 2.3 million visitors a year come to experience El Paso’s natural beauty, cultural attractions, and comfortable climate. The city is the second largest crossing point between Mexico and the United States. This high volume of traffic creates a need for El Paso businesses to differentiate, which is where a Signarama franchise comes in.


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