A Turnkey Business, Cajun Style

Signarama, the premier screen printing and promotional products franchise, is looking for someone driven and self-starting to become the latest franchise owner in Lafayette, Louisiana. Lafayette has one of the strongest economies in Louisiana, complete with incentive programs to entice businesses to open or relocate there. If a booming economy isn’t enough of a reason to invest, take into consideration the Cajun lifestyle of “joie de vivre,” which allows for just as much play time as work time. Keep reading to learn more about why this amazing city provides the perfect investment opportunity.

Lafayette, Louisiana

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Thriving Economy

Lafayette is used to being considered among the best in the nation, as evidenced by its placement in the top ten “Sizzling, Mid-Market Economies” in the south by Southern Business and Development. Business Facilities also recognized Lafayette as the fifth best city in the United States for job growth. These distinctions come from Lafayette’s diverse economy, which thrives in the healthcare, energy, entertainment, and technology industries.

Business Incentives

In an effort to keep the economy diverse, Lafayette offers incentives to business that open or relocate there. These incentives offer tax breaks, grants, and rebates to qualifying businesses that create jobs or develop in certain parts of the city. The idea behind these incentives, provided by both the city and the state, is to stimulate growth and investment on a local, organic level in order to strengthen the economy further.

Cajun Country

The greater Lafayette area is home to nearly half a million people, all of whom presumably love Cajun food. You simply can’t talk about Louisiana without mentioning Cajun spices, crawfish boils, and boudin. Indeed, boudin is so famous in Lafayette that the tourism bureau put together a guide of the best boudin restaurants in town so that tourists and locals alike can be sure they don’t miss out on this Cajun classic.

Because Lafayette is the Cajun capital of the U.S., the city has a rich combination of French, Spanish, American, Indian, and African cultures, all of which combine to create unique restaurants, dance halls, and music festivals. This blended culture emphasizes “joie de vivre,” joy of life, which has resulted in Lafayette being named the happiest city by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

At Signarama, we strive to provide the best products to our customers and the best resources to our franchise owners, which is why we want to expand into Lafayette. Our proven business model and extensive corporate support help our franchisees to maintain the “joie de vivre” that comes from a healthy work/life balance. When you’re ready to achieve that “joie de vivre,” click this LINK to find out how to start a Signarama franchise right away.


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