Eye-catching, attractive signage is key to a local presence in any industry, so there is always a high demand for commercial signs.

Signarama is the leading franchise providing commercial signs and is a trusted name among businesspeople from all industries. Furthermore, 2017 is shaping up to be a boom year for the sign industry.

That said, and with an understanding that business-to-business sales are the lifeblood of a sign franchise, what are some businesses that rely heavily on high-quality signs such as those that Signarama produces?

1. Hospitals, Schools, and Government Agencies

One class of necessary signs is those required to comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations. While these regulations apply to almost every class of business and organization, their implementation is strictly monitored in medical, educational, and government settings. High-quality tactile and braille signs, handicap accessible restroom signs, handicap parking signs, no smoking signs, and more are all required.

2. Realtors and Owners of Apartments and Condos

For Sale signs at high-class properties need to be just as high class to help sales, and realtors need durable, weather-resistant, highly visible signs to advertise their expertise in the neighborhoods in which they work. And large billboard-style signs easily viewable and legible to passing traffic are often key to letting newcomers to an area know about available apartments and condominiums.

3. Restaurants

There are several key uses for signs in the restaurant business. First, there is the need for customized signs that communicate the food and the ambiance of the restaurant to passersby. Awning graphics often serve as another kind of sign. Awnings provide customers with shade and protection for the weather and do double-duty as advertising tools. Third, inside the restaurant (especially in quick-serve establishments), menu boards function as signs. These menu boards must present the food with attractive, “delicious-looking” graphics, show names and prices clearly, and be organized intuitively.

4. Malls and Large Shopping Centers

Malls and shopping centers are full of all kinds of signs, presenting retail units in their best light to crowds of potential customers that stream by the outlet’s entrance every day. But we want to focus here on parking signs. Malls are one of a number of business types that require huge parking lots. And parking and throughways mean traffic, which means reserved/handicap parking signs, traffic flow arrow signs, stop signs at key intersections, caution and pedestrian crossing signs, and more. Parking and traffic cannot be safe without signs, and malls require massive parking zones to survive and thrive.

5. Car Dealerships

Car dealerships often rely heavily on local sign-based advertising. One way they accomplish this is via sidewalk signs that announce current sales events. Sidewalk signs can work for almost any business type, but dealerships are a prime example. A sidewalk sign brings the business’s name, logo, associated colors, emphasized themes, and key sale offers to sidewalk A-frames or wearable sandwich boards. This is a fun and effective way to get the word out.

We could go on about how all manner of signs are critical across a plethora of industries, but the five examples given here should make the point. To learn more about getting into the commercial signs industry, contact Signarama at 877-959-8087 or download your free franchise brochure.