Building a successful franchise is about more than selecting an established brand and opening the doors for your new customers. The highest-flying franchisees choose market sectors where they can excel, work hard to quickly develop product expertise, and time the market correctly.

Due diligence demands that you invest in a model that is poised for success. Product support, an industry-leading track record, and name recognition are likely your primary considerations. Here’s what you need to know to piece together the rest of the puzzle.

2017 Is Poised for Growth

Signarama is the most established brand in the sign industry. With more than 30 years of growth and support in sign franchising, no franchise in the industry can match our name recognition, market share, and track record.

Of equal importance is the fact that the sign industry is booming! According to current market research, increased advertising spending will bring greater demand for industry products. Around the globe, opportunistic franchisees are poised to take advantage of market growth and will time franchise investments to coincide with industry demand.

What’s driving this growth? In recent years, a new national focus on small business has produced an unprecedented B2B opportunity for the signage industry. Regardless of the state of the national economy, small businesses depend on successful local marketing efforts. A web presence drives sales, but signage remains a primary marketing expenditure across industries.

B2B sales are driven by word of mouth. Membership in small business ownership organizations, in civic clubs, and on organizational boards produces a steady stream of referrals for franchisees able to tap into small business ownership networks. This type of loyalty drives success in the sign industry. Over time, the trickle-down effect of renewed focus on job creation means work for sign makers.

How to Capitalize

The first step to opening a Signarama franchise is to establish that you’re able to meet the financial requirements. Signarama is a turnkey investment, and the liquid capital and franchise fee requirements are designed to provide structure for potential franchisees.

Once you’ve established your investment costs, it’s time to start your training. A comprehensive five-week training program ensures that new franchisees are thoroughly equipped for the challenges of running a store, including managing technology, staffing, and public relations/marketing. You’ll receive assistance on negotiating a lease and help with store layout. After your startup period, ongoing support and a proven mentor program, along with regional support staff, will help you to work toward snagging your share of what 2017 has in store.

Signarama is poised for success in 2017, with signage industry growth and market trends working firmly in your favor. Get in touch to talk about opportunities in your community.