The power of print advertising in the digital age is surprisingly strong, and business in this industry is often surging. Perhaps the reason is akin to the failure of ebooks to completely replace paper books—there is something about a real, physical sign, banner, or flyer that can never be replaced by a digital representation.

Whatever the reason, you as an entrepreneur may have sensed the great opportunity that exists in starting your own print shop franchise, and the question now occupying your attention is whether a B2B or B2C sales strategy is the best option.

Why Follow a B2B Model with Your Print Shop Franchise?

Below, we offer five arguments in favor of a primarily B2B approach as the best choice for your new print shop franchise:

  1. B2B customers are “better shoppers” than B2C customers. Many individual shoppers are just window shopping or do not really know what they want. Business clients, in contrast, are usually more serious about making a purchase.
  2. With B2B clients, gimmicks are not required—only solid ROI potential. Businesses have trained professionals to crunch the numbers, but most individual shoppers fail to bring their calculator. Convince business shoppers of the value and cost-effectiveness of your product, and you’ve probably got them.
  3. Business owners have more money to spend than most individuals. You can expect higher volume and big-ticket purchases, which will swell the volume of your print business. This will enable you to lower prices while still making more money.
  4. B2B sales are much more stable than B2C because individuals purchase randomly based on immediate budget constraints, while businesses tend to make repeat or even regular standing orders. Treat them well and you can develop long-term relationships and intense loyalty. There simply isn’t as much turnover in the B2B world.
  5. With B2B marketing, you grow with your clients. As your printing and advertising efforts pay off for your business clients, those businesses grow. Once your clients are larger, they require more material to be printed, which is more work coming your way. Additionally, business clients frequently make referrals to other businesses, fueling your growth even more.

Why Choose Signarama for Your Print Shop Franchise?

Signarama is an established print marketing brand with over 800 locations around the world. Its reputation among business clients is sterling after a quarter-century of continued explosive growth, and its B2B business model enables high-volume buying power and a high percentage of repeat customers.

Some additional benefits of operating under the Signarama name include:

  • Extensive assistance with startup costs, including financing that can sometimes cover 60% to 70% of the expense of acquiring and equipping your new print shop.
  • Immediate access to a huge customer base already convinced of the value of working with Signarama.
  • A truly comprehensive support network that helps you make the best decisions in areas like choosing a location, training new employees, and managing inventory.
  • A 24/7 online ecommerce store that effectively captures new customers, encourages repeat purchases, and expands your geographic reach.
  • No past sign experience is required. The important thing is your ability to manage a business wisely and a willingness to adapt your managerial skills to the specific demands of the print industry.

If you are interested in learning more about starting a B2B print shop franchise with Signarama, feel free to visit us online or call us at 877-959-8087. We at Signarama are always looking for new partners in our quest to provide the world’s best print services, and we look forward to discussing your vision and comparing it with ours.

Open a Signarama Franchise in 10 Easy Steps