At Signarama, we believe in the power of community involvement and charitable partnerships to positively impact society. Our commitment to these values is not just a part of our business model; it is the core of our success story. Today, we highlight several achievements that underscore our dedication to innovation, community support, and educational growth.


A Milestone of Commitment: Signarama’s Historic 35-Year Franchise Renewals


Recently, Signarama made history by renewing franchise agreements in Huntington Station, New York; Norwalk, Connecticut; and Doylestown, Pennsylvania, for an unprecedented 35 years. This remarkable commitment of 70 years each reflects our shared family and community investment values. Dawn Bent, co-owner of the Huntington franchise, celebrated this milestone, emphasizing the importance of these shared values in their decision to renew. This move is a testament to the dedicated support provided by Signarama’s corporate team and our continuous efforts towards innovation and growth. Our franchise network’s expansion, including 31 new franchisees last year and plans for over 100 in 2024, further illustrates our dedication to leading the industry forward. Read more about our 35-year renewals.

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Recognition on the Global Stage: Best Signage & Communications Franchise Award


Our commitment to excellence was recently celebrated at the 2024 Global Franchise Awards, where Signarama was honored with the Best Signage & Communications Franchise award. This prestigious recognition highlights our leadership and innovation in the industry, which sets the stage for our future endeavors and growth. Being acknowledged on such a global platform reinforces our dedication to maintaining high standards of excellence in every aspect of our operations. Discover more about this award.



Fostering Community Support: The Signs of Support Program


In Elizabethtown, KY, Signarama owners Hunter and Kyle Hammer have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the community through the successful Signs of Support program. This initiative awarded grants to local organizations, supporting their vital roles within the community by enhancing their visibility and brand recognition with new signage. Organizations such as Communicare Official and Helping Hand of Hope are among the beneficiaries, highlighting Signarama’s dedication to giving back and strengthening the community ecosystem. This program highlights local businesses’ impactful role in supporting and uplifting their communities.


Inspiring Future Industry Leaders: Educational Collaboration with Midlands Technical College


Signarama Columbia West’s recent collaboration with Midlands Technical College is a testament to our commitment to education and industry innovation. Signarama Columbia West offered an invaluable real-world learning experience by opening its doors to Graphic Communications students, bridging academic knowledge with practical applications in the sign industry. This initiative, led by Matt Vaughn, not only supports the next generation of industry professionals but also emphasizes the importance of community and education in shaping the future of the sign industry.


Signarama demonstrates a deep commitment to innovation, community support, and educational growth through these initiatives and achievements. As we continue to build on our success, we invite you to join us in positively impacting communities worldwide. Together, we can create a brighter, more supportive future for everyone.


For more insights into how your sign business can benefit from community involvement and charity partnerships, do not hesitate to explore our article on Signarama’s Tips & Advice on Community Involvement & Charity Partnerships.


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