Industry Growth and Opportunity: The Rise of Custom Signage

The custom signage industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. According to Martechcube, The United States Digital Signage market is on a trajectory of substantial growth, forecasted to surge from 7.87 billion USD in 2023 and will be an impressive USD 11.5 billion by 2028. The sector is expected to witness a commendable Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.88% during the forecast period (2023-2028). This increase can be attributed to several factors, including the continued demand for branding and promotions by businesses of all sizes.

Signarama’s Edge: Thriving in a Competitive Market

With more companies looking to stand out from the competition, custom signage provides an avenue to create a unique brand identity. Signarama, one of the world’s largest sign franchises, is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this growing industry. For over 30 years, Signarama has provided customized signage and visual communications that help businesses boost brand awareness.

Franchising Success: Leverage Signarama’s Proven Business Model

As the demand rises, many prospective business owners are exploring how a sign franchise can allow them to tap into this surging market. By leveraging Signarama’s established systems, training, and nationwide support, franchisees can hit the ground running with a proven business model.

In this article, we will explore what sets Signarama apart from competitors and outline the benefits of owning a Signarama franchise. Even in a crowded industry, let us examine why Signarama remains an attractive franchise opportunity.

Three Decades of Excellence: Signarama’s Rich History

With over 36 years of experience in the sign industry, Signarama has established itself as a leader in sign-making and visual communications. Signarama was founded in 1986 by Roy Titus to provide customized and affordable signage solutions to businesses of all sizes. What started as a small sign shop in Florida has since grown into an international franchise with over 800 locations across the globe.

Signarama opened its first franchise in 1988, allowing entrepreneurs to capitalize on the brand’s success. Over the next decade, Signarama experienced rapid expansion as more franchisees recognized the potential of the growing sign industry. By 1999, there were 300 Signarama locations throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad.

Today, Signarama continues its remarkable growth. As an early pioneer in the sign franchise space, Signarama has over three decades of experience that newcomers cannot match. The company has fine-tuned its sign offerings and franchise model over the years, providing unmatched support and training to franchisees. With its established reputation and reach, Signarama gives franchisees an advantage from day one.

Global wide Presence, Local Impact: Signarama’s Expansive Network

Signarama has established itself as a global signage and visual communications leader, boasting an impressive presence with over 800 locations worldwide. This vast network spans North America and extends to over 30 countries, including key markets like France, Canada, the UK, and Australia. With this expansive reach, Signarama is uniquely positioned to meet the diverse needs of businesses at a national, regional, and local level. No matter the location, Signarama’s comprehensive products, services, and support suite are readily accessible to businesses.

In the United States alone, Signarama boasts over 380 locations, while internationally, over 270 franchises contribute to the brand’s global footprint. This widespread distribution ensures that Signarama’s expertise in signage solutions is available to a broad range of clients, from urban metropolises to smaller towns, providing consistent branding and execution across diverse markets.

As a Signarama franchise owner, you become part of a powerful brand network with established national and international account relationships. This affiliation not only boosts your credibility and market reach but also offers the advantage of participating in robust marketing campaigns and lead-generation efforts on a global scale. With over 900 locations reinforcing the brand’s promise, Signarama has solidified its position as a preferred partner for businesses seeking high-quality signage solutions.

The growth of Signarama is a testament to its successful franchise model and innovative approach to business development. The brand’s expansion into over 30 countries results from strategic planning and a deep understanding of diverse market needs. This global presence is supported by over 200 dedicated employees working from offices in five countries. These teams are instrumental in helping the growing number of locations worldwide, ensuring that each franchise is equipped with the latest signage technology and training. This includes focusing on accessible signage options like braille and advanced 3D printing capabilities, keeping Signarama at the forefront of the industry.

Signarama’s business development team guides franchisees toward successful business growth. They offer invaluable insights and strategies, drawing from a wealth of global experience to help each franchise owner capitalize on local market opportunities while benefiting from the strength of an international brand. This integrated approach to business growth underscores Signarama’s commitment to its franchisees and vision to remain a global signage leader.

Innovative Signage Solutions: Signarama’s Diverse Product Range

Signarama offers unparalleled signage and graphics solutions to meet any business need or budget. From traditional signs and banners to state-of-the-art digital displays, Signarama has innovative products to promote your brand in impactful ways.

Beyond wraps and digital signs, Signarama produces interior and exterior signage in many options. We have the signage solution for channels, dimensional letters, awnings, banners, retail displays, and more. Our signs enhance branding and visibility for businesses of every size and industry.

See https://signaramafranchise.com/blog/the-power-of-signage-how-signs-drive-business-and-why-it-can-be-a-profitable-franchise-opportunity/ to see our different types of signage.

Technological Advancements: Signarama’s Cutting-Edge Capabilities

Signarama utilizes state-of-the-art design software and printing equipment to deliver superior products and services. Our in-house software allows franchisees to easily design customized signs, graphics, banners, vehicle wraps, and more for each unique customer. This removes the need to outsource design work and provides faster turnaround times.

Signarama’s wide-format printers use the latest printing technologies like UV curable, solvent, dye sublimation, and latex inks to print directly on a vast array of materials with stunning quality. Franchisees have access to an unrivaled range of printing capabilities unmatched in the industry.

The brand also provides the tools to print vehicle graphics, including wrapping films, magnets, window decals, and more. Their integrated hardware and software systems allow wrapping vehicles on-site efficiently. Signarama continuously invests in upgrading equipment to maintain the most advanced printing technologies.

This innovative equipment empowers Signarama franchisees to deliver any signage and graphics products quickly and affordably. Customers can get high-quality, durable products that help their business stand out from competitors. The state-of-the-art technology makes Signarama the premier partner for all signage, graphics, and visual communications needs.

Commitment to Service: Signarama’s Customer Experience

Signarama stands out from competitors with its unparalleled focus on customer service excellence. Franchise locations have a dedicated support team that partners closely with every client to ensure complete satisfaction.

Customers rave about the individualized attention they receive. From the initial consultation to the final installation, the Signarama team provides guidance and expertise explicitly tailored to each unique project. Clients appreciate having an accountable, responsive point of contact available to answer questions and address needs.

In addition to installation and maintenance support, Signarama locations offer custom design services to help clients bring their visions to life. The talented in-house graphic designers work closely with customers in an interactive, collaborative process to design signage with high visual impact. This personal touch ensures the result fully aligns with the client’s brand and goals.

Signarama’s commitment to surpassing expectations at each stage sets their customer service apart. Clients receive the individualized attention of a small, local provider backed by the capabilities and reliability of a major national brand. This unbeatable combination makes Signarama a partner business can trust.

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Comprehensive Training and Support

Signarama offers new franchisees an extensive 4-week training program to ensure you have all the skills and knowledge needed to operate your business successfully. The training covers key areas like sales, marketing, operations, and hands-on product training.

You will complete the program feeling fully prepared and confident to launch your Signarama franchise. The support does not stop after training, either. You will have the backing of a dedicated franchise consultant for ongoing assistance as questions or needs arise. They will be your direct contact for one-on-one advice and guidance.

Signarama also provides marketing support to franchisees with tools like customizable templates and a national marketing fund. The marketing team assists with implementing local marketing campaigns and developing promotional materials. You will have access to the latest strategies and advice for online and offline marketing and advertising.

With the training and support system, Signarama franchisees have everything they need to build and grow a successful sign and graphics business. You will not feel like you are on your own but rather have the resources of an entire franchise network behind you.

But technology means little without the expertise to back it up. That is why Signarama provides extensive training on managing a sign business for every franchise owner. From sales and design to production and installation, we ensure owners have the skills to run their locations profitably. Ongoing training and support continue even after a store opens.

With innovative tools and human know-how, Signarama empowers our franchisees to succeed today and into the future. No other sign franchise can match the comprehensive and long-lasting support Signarama provides. This unique advantage lets owners focus on serving customers while Signarama handles the rest.

Building a Business with Signarama: Steps to Own a Franchise

Opening a Signarama franchise allows entrepreneurs to capitalize on the brand’s 50 years of experience in the sign industry. By leveraging Signarama’s expertise, franchisees can hit the ground running with all the tools needed for success.

Signarama seeks franchisees who are sales-driven self-starters with excellent communication skills. Retail management experience is ideal but not required. The total franchise investment ranges from $147,395 to $297,845, with a minimum liquid capital requirement of $100,000.

Signarama walks potential franchise owners through every step of the process. Once an ideal location is identified, franchise experts assist with store design, equipment selection, inventory purchasing, and more. Signarama also provides six full weeks of hands-on training at their corporate headquarters, followed by two weeks of training on-site at your new Signarama store. Ongoing support ensures your continued growth and prosperity.

When comparing franchises, Signarama clearly offers unmatched training, support, and expertise. Let the Signarama team guide you on the path to owning and operating your own successful sign business.

The Signarama Difference: Beyond Just Signs

Signarama has repeatedly demonstrated why it is the sign and graphics industry leader. With over 800 locations nationwide, innovative products, innovative technology, and unparalleled customer service, Signarama provides franchise owners with the tools and support needed to run a successful business.

What truly sets Signarama apart is the brand’s commitment to innovation and passion for helping businesses succeed. Signarama does not just sell signs – it provides customized solutions that help grow a brand. From eye-catching window graphics to striking vehicle wraps, Signarama has the products and expertise to make a business stand out.

Combine this with extensive training programs, a dedicated team to assist with marketing and operations, and a business model designed for profitability and growth, and it is easy to see the Signarama difference.

If you are ready to join a brand at the forefront of the sign and graphics industry, there is no better time than now. Visit SignaramaFranchise.com to learn more and take the first step in owning your own Signarama franchise today.