With new stores and businesses opening all the time, there’s a high demand for signage. Stores require signs to advertise who they are and what they have for sale to draw in customers and stay competitive. As the largest sign franchise in the world, Signarama is the leading innovator in the industry. We utilize a unique business model that combines signs with a full portfolio of branding options.

Signarama offers a digital signage franchise opportunity to provide an essential service for your community and capitalize on B2B for steady business. You’ll help other businesses bring in new customers, advertise specials, and increase brand awareness.

Our franchise owners give back to businesses in the community with customized advertising solutions. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Signarama’s sign and banner options.

Unique Digital Signs and Displays

Signarama designs, prints, and installs a wide variety of signs and displays. Our customers may frequently have timely information to share, and digital signage is a great flexible option. Digital signs and displays can be changed recurrently, used indoors and outdoors, and there are a number of options to choose from.

Digital signs can add a unique brand experience to a customer’s business. Whether displayed in a restaurant, store, or lobby, any business can benefit from touch screens. Other options include displays on LCD screens, LED marquees, and more. Customers can control the content remotely through cloud-based screen management software.

Displays can: share information from 20-inches to over 42-inches, connect to WiFi or LAN, and often have HD capability. Customers can easily change the images, graphics, and messages as often as needed.

Some of the businesses or institutions that can benefit from these types of digital signs include: banks, car dealerships, government, and general business offices, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, hotels, resorts, movie theatres, museums, gas stations, and retail businesses to name a few. And further, they provide a great way to establish identity at trade shows, conventions, and expos. The possibilities are endless.

Industry-Leading Support

Signarama keeps franchise owners up to date with the latest industry trends. Our ongoing support provides continuous training and process updates to ensure that franchisees offer customers the latest technology, products, and services.

Technology is constantly evolving, and fortunately, sign companies are able to keep up with the times. Sign makers can take advantage of new software and cutting-edge digital printers to make signs more appealing.

Additionally, thanks to our partnership with United Franchise Group (UFG), we have industry-leading eCommerce capabilities. We are able to accept and fulfill orders 24/7, so customers can see faster turnaround times.

As technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, the sign industry will be able to capitalize on 3D printing. Customers will appreciate this exciting new option for signs.

Signarama digital signage franchise can help you take your new customers to new heights with a variety of unique digital signs and displays.

Contact us today to learn more about owning a franchise with Signarama and our digital signage capabilities!