Signarama has been around for over a generation, and founder Ray Titus believes that when one member of the United Franchise Group does well, all members do well.

That’s the philosophy that informs the ongoing training and support as well as the site selection assistance and expansion opportunities that Signarama brings to each investor.

The sign industry is a multi-billion dollar sector of the economy, spurring growth in businesses from all sectors.

Signarama in particular does well within the sign industry because it engineers itself as a B2B franchise opportunity that constantly seeks to expand its influence—for example, by going international!

Top 5 Reasons Signarama Franchise Owners Boast to Their Friends

The International Franchise Association loves drawing attention to the fact that the franchise industry consistently outperforms the economy overall in terms of growth.

In fact, primarily B2B franchises like Signarama are positioned to experience more smooth sailing.

Reason #1: Franchise Owners Relish Being Primarily B2B

B2B franchises are—as a rule of thumb—more apt to effectively weather economic fluctuations and downturns since their principal audience is other businesses.

The businesses that form the bulk of Signarama’s clientele are usually much less susceptible to come out of a recession hurting since they benefit from things like economies of scale and locations in diversified markets.

Another benefit of interacting in a B2B environment for Signarama franchise owners is that they benefit greatly from referrals and repeat traffic.

When business owners talk with one another about the great job you did with their signs last year, the orders can really pile up!

Reason #2: Signarama Is a Turnkey Investment That Attracts Talent

The franchise fee, liquidity requirements, and total investment are incredibly reasonable compared to the competition.

It’s also very straightforward since your total investment cost includes machinery, supplies, and insurance—essentially everything you need to operate your own Signarama location!

Reason #3: Signarama Is an Expanding Top 100 Franchise

Signarama was recently put in the top 100 (#76) franchises in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 ranking. This number reflects Signarama’s low initial investment, high growth potential, and 3% unit expansion over the last three years.

When other franchises are worrying about damage control and downsizing, Signarama is more concerned with penetrating fresh target markets and leveraging over 25 years of growth in sign franchising to improve the advertising and marketing experience of its clients.

Entrepreneur also ranked Signarama best in class in terms of sign franchises operating today.

As a Signarama franchise owner, you’ll extend your hand to all kinds of local businesses to kick off grand openings, expand their customer base and brand awareness, and trumpet one-time promotional offers to customers.

Reason #4: You Benefit from Multiple Revenue Streams

When you look at a company like Facebook or Google, it’s constantly expanding its repertory of services.

Gradually, these companies expanded into things like advertising and news curation to bring in more users and remain attractive to other businesses.

Signarama franchise owners do the same by offering their clients (such as local small businesses) many different ways to improve their sales and customer outreach. These include: customized signs, banners, decals, vehicle graphics, and digital displays for businesses.

Reason #5: Other Owners Can’t Stop Bragging Either!

Other Signarama franchise owners like Emma, Jason, and John remain incredibly impressed with the thoroughness of their initial training as well as the responsiveness of Signarama’s support team in immediately coming out and troubleshooting things like mechanical problems or software snags. That’s the dedication that makes franchise ownership truly rewarding. Visit our website to learn more!

Open a Signarama Franchise in 10 Easy Steps