Opening a franchise comes with a host of questions and concerns. How can you be sure your market will remain stable? What kind of customer flow can you expect? This guide will help you address some of the uncertainties you may be considering as you make the decision to open your new business.

The Power of Promotional Products

One uncertainty many new franchisees face is evaluating the strength of and demand for the products they will be selling. Promotional products are the key business owners use to unlock increased sales and brand awareness. Business owners know that through developing promotional products such as signage, banners and vehicle wraps, they can spread the word about their products, services, and special events. Due to the power of promotional products, they will always be in demand by business owners looking to strengthen their business. In fact, this business to business model is one of the strengths of sign making franchises. Our products are necessary no matter what direction the economy is heading.

Industry Outlook

If you’ve done research on the sign making industry, you already know that it is booming. If the strength of the industry is an uncertainty for you, consider this: IbisWorld estimates that the promotional products industry generated $23 billion in revenue in 2017 and has been growing each year since 2012. Figures like these demonstrate that there has never been a better time to get involved in the business.

Choosing the Right Franchise

One uncertainty many potential franchisees face is choosing the best possible franchisor to partner with. This is an easy uncertainty to clear up. When it comes to opening a franchise in the sign business, Signarama is the clear choice. With more than 30 years in the business and more than 900 franchises worldwide, Signarama has the experience, the dedication to franchisee support, and the valuable brand recognition to help you get your new business off to the best start possible. In 2016 we were ranked #1 in our category by Entrepreneur Magazine, demonstrating to our franchisees that we are an excellent brand to partner with. Our many other awards and accolades help reinforce the quality of our brand.

These are just a few uncertainties you can avoid when you decide to franchise with Signarama. For more information on getting your franchise started, reach out to us today!

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