Signarama is the leading digital signage solutions company. Joining Signarama means that you’re joining a printing franchise leader who knows their product and will help you succeed in the booming industry! With more than three decades of experience in the franchise industry and more than 700 locations around the world, we know a thing or two about the process and have seen it all.

Digital signage, 3D printing, and digital printing services have elevated our printing and sign franchise opportunity to new heights. These industry revolutions make it easier than ever for businesses to connect with their audience and customers by engaging them and conveying the intended message. By investing in and managing these services, Signarama franchise owners can stay ahead of market needs, all with a simple turnkey investment.

Investing in a franchise opportunity with Signarama allows you to take advantage of the many industry advantages we feature. Our business model is designed to provide emerging technology like cutting-edge digital printers, and our comprehensive process includes:

  • Expert training and support.
  • Sales techniques.
  • Processes and procedures.
  • Real estate assistance.
  • Marketing expertise.
  • A proven track record of success.
  • An extensive network.

Signarama franchises are available worldwide. International markets are a massive opportunity, and partnering with Signarama can help make the transition into sign making smoother and easier. While other businesses may come and go, Signarama has stuck around. Thanks to our strong foundation, our franchise opportunity is destined to continue making a difference in the industry.

How Did We Start Our Digital Signage Company?

Who we were, are, will be (history, mission) 

As the premier brand of Starpoint Brands, Signarama has been leading the way for franchise owners and customers for more than 35 years. Our digital signage company has grown to become an industry leader in the sign and digital printing business.

We were founded in 1986 by Ray and Roy Titus, who began building our reputation for high-quality products and services, innovation, and exemplary support. In 1987, we began franchising after opening a second location, and we currently have locations in over 30 countries.

Signarama exists within the booming global signage industry. This market is estimated to reach $63.3B by 2031 and is expected to continue to see growth for years to come. As a family-owned business, we’re a steadfast and reliable brand designed and built to be handed down to the next generation.

We’re proud to consistently receive awards and accolades for our sign franchise opportunity, including Global Franchise Group Awards 2022 finalist, Entrepreneur magazine’s 2022 Franchise 500 ranking, and Entrepreneur magazine’s Top 150 Franchises for Veterans ranking. We’re also a Guinness World Records Record Holder!

Signarama is fueled by our distinction as an industry leader. We’re committed to continuing to offer superior customer service, cutting-edge products and services, and a top investment opportunity for our franchisees.

We uphold the Starpoint Brands mission statement in that … We have one customer: our franchisee. When they are successful, we are successful.

How Our Printing and Signage Company Is Leading the Industry

Industry overview (what we do and where we fit) 

Printing and signage services continue to be in high demand! As new businesses open all the time, they have a variety of printing and signage needs that Signarama can help with. The global signage industry has serious growth potential: estimated at $24.86B for 2022, the industry is expected to reach $63.3B by 2031.

As the largest printing and signage company in the world, Signarama has much to offer franchise owners. We can help you break into a booming industry with an industry leader!

Investing in a franchise with Signarama means you can become your own boss, have a team for support, and join a vast franchisee network that spans over 30 countries. Our support is second to none: we’re invested in you, so we’re there for you every step of the way.

Signarama offers many industry-leading advantages for our franchise owners. Not only do we have multiple means of support, but we’re also part of an industry that’s valued for its recession-resistance allowing us to maintain business in virtually any economic condition.

Given our expertise in the industry and large footprint, Signarama has acquired the best vendors. We have the best buying power and prices thanks to our vendor relationships, and we’re able to ensure our franchisees have every available option for signage. Our market-based products make sure you see a return on your investment.

As part of Starpoint Brands, our franchisees are able to take advantage of even more possibilities. Within the Starpoint Brands ecosystem, you’ll immediately have an established customer base with 10 brands that support one another. Investing in a sign franchise with Signarama is the opportunity to join an industry leader and enjoy advantages you won’t find elsewhere.

Make Our Turnkey Investment Happen with Franchise Financing

Dollars and sense (Franchise 101, FDD, etc.) 

Between our turnkey franchise investment and franchise financing, there’s no reason not to invest in a Signarama franchise!

Signarama’s turnkey investment includes virtually everything you need to launch and run your business. We’re invested in you and your business, so we provide all the resources to get your business started and stay on the right track.

With our turnkey investment, you’ll enjoy comprehensive training, business coaching, ongoing support, access to a cache of marketing materials, ongoing marketing assistance, flexible franchise concepts, cutting-edge technology, online ordering, and more.

When you reach out to learn more about our franchise opportunity, we can also discuss your current financial situation. If you need financing, our expert financing staff will take the time to provide you with third-party options based on your financial standing. Additionally, they may know about options that aren’t widely available.

We know that going it alone requires a lot of time and resources. That’s why we offer special financing options for veterans and equipment, as we have partnerships with some of the leading financing companies in the country. Thanks to our partnership with Starpoint Brands, you’ll also gain access to many industry advantages, including eCommerce solutions, a brand marketing fund, purchasing power and supplier network, industry-leading technology, a research department, and so much more.

Joining Signarama means you’re receiving the very best training in the business and outstanding support for the life of your business. Franchising with us removes the guesswork, trial, and error, so you have a business model to follow, assistance when you run into an issue, and market-driven product suggestions.

What Are the Competitive Advantages of Signarama Franchises?

Differentiators (competitive advantages) 

Signarama has over 700 locations around the world. Having grown to such a large network of franchise owners speaks volumes about our brand recognition, buying power, expansive network, and exclusive industry advantages.

There are many competitive advantages to joining Signarma’s franchise opportunity. For starters, we’re a family-owned and operated company with unsurpassed brand recognition as the world’s largest sign and graphics franchise. From day one, we established ourselves with a standard for high quality and a wide range of products.

We share the benefits of our advantageous partnership with Starpoint Brands, and we extend our mass purchasing power to help franchise owners get the products and services they need at low-priced vendor-negotiated deals.

Signarama encourages a strong franchisee support network. We set our franchise owners up for success with a comprehensive strategy that includes a great network of support because when you invest in our franchise opportunity, you become a part of the Signarama family.

We feature a recognized turnkey investment that includes a streamlined business model, regional and global marketing, expert training and support, emerging technology, opportunities for growth, and more on your journey to success.

We’re proud of our innovative franchise owners as we make a splash in the industry with our contributions to print. With new businesses opening all the time, our recession-resistant business model means you’ll be able to help all the businesses in your community and worldwide.

Our award-winning franchising opportunity was pioneered by industry experts to provide you with the secrets to success.

How Is Signarama Looking to the Future?


Signarama is invested in our franchise owners, and being up to date on the latest happenings in the industry is one way we can help. Sign companies need to keep up with the times, and when you invest in a Signarama franchise, you’ll know that we’ve got you covered with the latest and greatest.

Existing in such a large industry means you need all the resources possible to stand out and stay ahead of the competition. We stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies because we know that our franchisee’s customers expect the latest innovations for their businesses.

We’re looking to the future in terms of technology by utilizing new software, employing cutting-edge digital printers, accepting and fulfilling orders 24/7, and using 3D printing capabilities. These technologies are designed to make signs more eye-catching, complete orders with faster turnaround times, and provide more exciting options for customers.

Our franchise owners also enjoy our advanced POS system and local customized dashboard. These two technologies allow franchisees to find everything they need in one resource. Our custom dashboard gives franchisees access to a variety of resources in one place: an entire library of training materials, webinars, email marketing materials, and much more.

Additionally, being the premier brand of Starpoint Brands provides our franchise owners with industry-leading advantages they won’t find anywhere else. Starpoint Brands helps us keep our franchisees current in the industry so they can provide the most up-to-date products and services to their customers by providing eCommerce solutions, industry-leading technology, a research and development department, a global network, and more.

With Signarama, you can rest assured that you’ll always be ahead of your competitors because we’re constantly looking to the future.

Did You Know We’re Available Worldwide?

Available markets, territories 

Companies and businesses around the world are in need of signage and represent a massive opportunity: Signarama is proud to offer our franchise investments in all US states and international markets!

Our foundation in B2B means we work anywhere there are businesses that need signs: pretty much everywhere! The sign industry is essential and is known for repeat business. One sign often isn’t the end of a relationship with a customer; when you provide high-quality signs for one business, others are sure to notice and follow suit.

Signarama’s digital printing franchise opportunity is a great way to fulfill the demands of these businesses while utilizing a proven business model, enjoying support at every stage, and riding out economic uncertainty. We make the transition into business ownership a lot easier and smoother, no matter your location.

We currently have available markets all across the US. Our target markets are everywhere: simply reach out to us, and we’ll be able to explore and discuss your territory’s potential in more detail.

Internationally, you can count on all of the same great industry advantages. Our brands work in all countries, as our master license holders take the time to research geographic, cultural, and business nuances and adapt our flexible business model to your country’s specific needs. With our turnkey opportunity, Signarama franchisees receive real estate assistance, financing and funding consulting services, global training support, a flexible business model to follow, income opportunities, and the brand recognition that comes with being a part of Starpoint Brands.

Signarama sign franchise is an incredible opportunity, no matter which state or country you reside in.


Ready to learn more about how Signarama’s digital signage company is a great franchise investment? Contact us today!