How Our Printing and Signage Company is Leading the Industry

Industry overview (what we do and where we fit)

With new businesses opening all the time, there continues to be high demand for signage. The global signage industry was estimated at $23.12B for 2021, and is expected to reach $63.3B by 2031. All signs point to an industry with serious growth potential!

Signarama is one of the largest printing and signage companies in the world to offer franchises and has become an industry leader in the sign and digital printing business. The signage market is a great industry, and Signarama is a great business! Since day one, we’ve remained a family-owned and operated business and maintain a reputation of being a steadfast and reliable brand built to be handed down to the next generation. We’re privately held and led by executives and upper management who have played an enduring and integral role in our success, and we plan to continue as such.

When you invest in a large format printing franchise with Signarama, you get to run your business, rely on a family-run brand for support, and join a vast network that spans over 50 countries. The support we provide is our biggest asset: whether from the experts at corporate or from a fellow franchisee. 

Our franchisees love that they can support each other in a variety of ways. We enjoy being able to talk about business, how to grow it, how to overcome challenges, celebrate successes, and more. Signarama franchisees have the opportunity to maintain close-knit relationships with their colleagues in many ways, that include:

  • Tapping into a great network to share their thoughts and ideas on what’s working well and what could be improved
  • Attending yearly conventions
  • Attending regional meetings
  • Enjoying franchisee-led peer groups
  • Taking advantage of a great mentor program

The sign industry is valued for its recession resistance, with about 70% comprising repeat business. As most of our customers are other businesses, we’re able to maintain business in virtually any economic condition. Given our flexibility, we can produce market-based products, making sure you see a return on your investment. 

With almost 800 locations in 50 countries, Signarama has acquired the best vendors. This gives us the best buying power, as our vendor relationships often provide discounts for the amount of material we buy. Since we are so large and buy so much material, we’re able to ensure our sign making franchisees have every option available when it comes to signage. We make certain to find the best vendors, find the right vendor for what they need, and find the best deals for both small and large vendors (big names included).

Additionally, Signarama helps our franchisees build connections with the other brands and companies at United Franchise Group (UFG). Imagine walking into a business where you immediately have an established customer base. With UFG, that’s possible! 

UFG is a family of 12 brands that symbiotically support one another. The UFG ecosystem exists so the brands within the group can help each other out and offer franchisees a better deal without having to go elsewhere. As our brands continue to grow, Signarama is their preferred sign provider: you already have a built-in customer.

We’re proud to be a part of UFG’s one big family. While we build relationships and camaraderie, we don’t want to force sign franchisees to maintain the ecosystem. Rather, we give a lot more freedom than other franchise opportunities and allow franchisees to do with it what they want.

Investing in a Signarama is the opportunity to join the sign franchise industry leader and enjoy advantages you won’t find elsewhere. 

Ready to learn more about how Signarama’s printing and signage company is a great franchise investment? Contact us today!