Why Invest in a Portland, Oregon Franchise?

Are you seeking an investment opportunity in Portland with a proven business model and a low cost upfront franchise fee? Look no further than Signarama, the award winning sign franchise. Signarama is looking to expand into Portland because of its growing economy. Business owners in Portland have access to some extremely helpful resources for business counseling and networking, making this the ideal location for one of the best sign franchises in the industry.

Portland, Oregon

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Growing Economy

For the last several years, the city of Portland has been striving to bring business back into the city, rather than in neighboring areas. Portland is projected to add approximately 520,000 new jobs by 2035, which adds up to about 27% of the region’s jobs. There are many industries that are growing in Portland, the most notable is the green energy industry. Because Portland entices businesses and residents to adopt green practices, it has a reputation as a sustainable city. The city is capitalizing on this reputation by attracting the relatively new green innovation industry in order to combine economic development with green initiatives. Portlanders believe that economic strength and environmentally sound practices are equal partners for a successful city.

Owning a Business

One of the many benefits of opening a franchise is that you will have support from Signarama’s corporate, with everyone operating for your success. It’s so beneficial, then, when the city you do business in has support structures for you as well. Portland has economic resources dedicated to just that. The city has incentive programs and grants available to qualifying companies that go green, build in certain areas, improve their storefronts, and more.

Because Portland is so committed to sustainability, one of the premier programs is “Green Your Business,” which comprises of green counselors who assess businesses and hold strategy sessions in which they give specific advice for attainable, environmentally friendly goals. There are various free services to help you save money, provide a healthy environment for your employees, and conserve resources.

Portland is an ideal city to do business in because it’s so dedicated to constantly improving its economy. A healthy economy contributes to a healthy business, and vice versa, so investing in Portland is an investment in your career and your community alike. So what are you waiting for? Click this LINK to find out how to start a Signarama franchise right away.


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