The Benefits of Opening a Print Shop Franchise

By opening a print shop franchise, you’re investing in a profitable industry whose demand and reach is not just sustainable, but continually growing.

It’s not an uncommon dream or goal to be your own boss and start your own business, and opening a print shop franchise could be your pathway to successfully doing so.

While many aspiring entrepreneurs hem and haw over the type of business they’d like to open, we’re here to tell you that franchising with Signarama is not just the easy choice to make, it’s the best one.

Of course, that doesn’t mean potential franchisees should take such a life-altering decision lightly. You’ll want to feel comfortable in the industry you choose, even if you don’t have experience in it, and you need to know that the time and equity you’ll be investing will be worth it. And so while this can be a difficult decision, we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be, and help you come to that discovery yourself. Why? Opening a print shop franchise like Signarama, simply put, can be one of the smartest business decisions you’ll ever make.

Once the business is started, though, the continual dual challenge of business owners is growing brand awareness and increasing sales.

But what if we told you there’s a simple secret at your disposal that unlocks both? Spoiler alert: there is, and it’s utilizing the power of promotional products. And while Signarama is known for being a print shop franchise that specializes in making nearly every type of sign and banner you can imagine, at our core we’re ultimately a promotional products franchise.

Think about it: Nearly every sign, banner, or printed material you’ve ever seen is technically a promotional product, advertising and informing whomever sees it.

Armed with that knowledge and viewing the business through that lens, why wouldn’t you invest in a promotional products franchise opportunity?

Read further as we present an overview of what this secret involves, a look at the industry, and why choosing a print shop franchise like Signarama is the right choice for your business dreams.

Industry Outlook

In a series of studies, researchers found that the power of promotional products has a tremendous reach for both new and returning consumers.

To summarize:

  • 88% of people remember the name of a company from which they’ve received a promotional product.

  • 71% of customers remembered seeing a specific advertisement in the previous week.

  • 85% of customers who were exposed to promotional products did business with the company, and nearly 80% said they would do business with them again.

So what does that mean? In short, that people love free stuff, they remember you better and for longer periods of time when you give it to them, it’s as good of a marketing tactic (if not better) than anything else out there, and that more people will spend more money on your products.

The revenue that promotional products franchises are generating mirrors these results. Per data from IBISWorld, the industry generated $21 billion of revenue in 2016 and averaged 2.4% growth annually over the past five years.

But as a print shop franchise, you’re creating so much more potential revenue just by adding this simple revenue stream. According to multiple industry studies, the printing industry generated between $75 billion and $86 billion in each of the past two years.

Does a Print Shop Franchise Really Qualify as a Promotional Products Franchise?
Absolutely! Labeling something a “print shop” ultimately is a fairly vague blanket, given how wide the variety of projects a print shop franchise is qualified for can be.

The products a print shop franchise creates can range from classic staples of the banner world, to more traditional promotional products.

Examples of printed “promotional products” that fall under Signarama’s offerings include pennants and banner pens, as well as several other traditional promotional items.

And while our business model isn’t focused on some of the other aspects of a print shop franchise – like t-shirt printing or traditional printed media – we offer terrific opportunities through our franchise conversion program to help bring your printing business to the next level through the power of Signarama.

Why Signarama?

So why is Signarama the banner franchise you should turn to? Here’s a look at what makes us such a great franchising opportunity:

  • Signarama was founded in 1986 by Ray and Roy Titus in Farmingdale, New York. Since then, Signarama has been a prominent force in the sign industry, building a reputation for innovation, exemplary support, and high quality products and services for business owners around the world.

  • Signarama was named the #1 sign franchise and ranked #74 on the Franchise 500 list by Entrepreneur Magazine, in addition to several other awards.

  • Our business is a turnkey investment, with an affordable franchise fee, royalty rate, and initial investment. Plus, your ROI is always in sight thanks to the booming status of our industry.

  • Backed by the power and experience of franchising giant United Franchise Group, our comprehensive training program is among the very best in the business, and our outstanding support is available for the life of your business.

  • In addition to our conversion opportunities, we also offer international opportunities, discounts for veterans, and the United Franchise Group Foundation supports children in need. We also have a large number of target markets available for a franchisee to take advantage of.

If you’re interested in learning more about starting your own banner franchise, contact us today and download your FREE infographic in the side column to learn how to open a Signarama franchise in 10 easy steps.

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