Now is the time to consider starting a vehicle wrap franchise.

A simple but effective way to draw customers to your business is through vehicle wraps. A vehicle wrap is a large graphic that is displayed on a vehicle that is often colorful and informational to help promote a business while on the road. Promotional materials such as these are in constant demand and are continuing to grow in more recent years. Here are four benefits that businesses get from vehicle wraps and why now is the right time to consider starting a vehicle wrap franchise.


Vehicle wraps can last a long time and have a big impact. Vehicle wraps are also one of the cheapest forms of advertising and can reach the most amount of people. By having advertisement on the road, businesses can expect an increase in traffic by the amount of people who view it. In addition, vehicle wraps can last a lifetime, which means that more customers go to brands like Signarama to make sure the receive a quality wrap that best represents their company.

Easy Installation/Removal

New technologies have enabled vehicle wrap franchises like Signarama to create graphics for vehicles that are easy to put on and take off. Because there is nothing the client can lose by investing in a vehicle wrap, more and more customers are getting them for their businesses.

Promotes Brand Image

One of the biggest concepts of being a successful business is having a solidified brand image. A brand image is essentially how people and customers perceive the business and the brand. By using vehicle wraps, the business is able to take control of their brand image and keep it consistent. For example, if Signarama wanted to promote the many products and services they offer, by using a vehicle wrap they are able to show these in a visual way that can attract customers.

Outbound Marketing

By using vehicle wraps, businesses can attract customers in a more randomized, non-evasive way. Outbound marketing has been an effective business marketing tool for years and continues to show growth for companies. As the businesses see success through outbound marketing, so do vehicle wrap franchises.

The vehicle wrap and promotional materials industries have grown over the years as more and more businesses emerge in America. The best way for businesses to grow is to maximize the benefits of vehicle wraps and other advertising materials that can go a long way.

Signarama and other vehicle wrap franchises are taking advantage of the growing industry that is helping businesses promote themselves nationwide. Learn more about Signarama and why now is the time to invest in a vehicle wrap franchise. Contact us for more information about starting a vehicle wrap franchise!